Friday, September 28, 2007

the cardiologist found nothing wrong

Next week, The Mighty Hunter's dad will celebrate 7 years since he successfully donated 5 of his own blood vessels to the restructuring of his coronary arteries. Yes, 5 bypasses at 57 years of age.

The afternoon before surgery, he prepared himself with a meal of Supersized order of fries and a Big Mac and the remainders of his pack of cigarettes.

The surgery went perfectly, as did his recovery.

We have caught him smoking a few times since. A simple, yet harsh, reminder from me about the scar on his chest and legs and wrist about the ordeals of recovery and how he now has grandchild(ren) for whom he should preserve himself is all it takes to kick his butt back into shape and get him to throw the cancer sticks away. (Not to mention that he is the only living parent his sons have.)

With this genetic history on The Mighty Hunter's mind, and having occasional chest pains over the past 6 months (I'll come back to this,) he finally agreed (actually suggested) to going to a cardiologist for tests.

Knowing he would be less than satisfied with any doc other than his dad's, I got him an appointment for yesterday morning. I convinced him to fast after midnight so that he could have blood drawn. (know that he faints when he has blood drawn! big tooty.) We woke at the butt crack of dawn and drove back to the same hospital where my mom had surgery. The Pimped-Out Mamamobile could go there on auto-pilot, but it stayed home so that we could drive his truck.

I suppose I needed to learn how to put the new carseat in there sooner or later. (btw, super easy. totally recommend this seat.)

They did chest x-rays. EKG. Stress-test. Blood work. They showed him a video of the stress test so that he would know what to expect. They asked him when was the last time he had experienced chest pains.

a few minutes ago, while I was watching the video about the stress test and the IV I'll be getting.

So not only does he faint, he has anxiety attacks over needles.

The results of the blood tests will be back soon. But everything else was normal.

Or as the doctor said, "we looked everywhere and found nothing."

But I know the truth. His heart is not there anymore.

It's here.

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