Wednesday, September 26, 2007

it should have been obvious to me

Lucky is 8 months old. He's crawling very nicely. He's pulling up to couches, tables, legs, whatever will support him. He's falling back and thumping his head on the floor, erasing IQ points as he goes.

I've done minimal baby-proofing so far. Shut up. I know I need to get serious about it. Shut up. I'll do it. Sometime soon...

The living room is never gonna be baby-proofed enough for him, but I can stay with him and keep him away from the things he that will maim or kill him. (kidding)

For now, though, he has almost free range there. I have a few of his toys in the floor for him to find when he's crawling, which he does easily.

Lucky is not a quite baby. Happy, yes. Quiet, no. He is "dadadada-ing" or "aaaaaaa-ing" most of the time.

But just a few minutes ago, he was quiet. And because he is only 8 months old, I thought that there shouldn't be anything wrong with silence. Surely he couldn't be playing with something he shouldn't.


I decide to see what he's doing. He's fine. He's sitting alone. His favorite toys for the moment are at his side, untouched. He's playing with a hair that is wrapped around his fingers.

Guess what he did when I took the hair and put it in the garbage...


He cried for a hair.

Poor child. Maybe I should give him some wadded up newspaper or matches to play with. He's clearly not interested in his toys.


For the Love... said...

Sounds like the FlyingMonkys...At Christmas they were always far more interested in the boxes the toys came in than the toys themselves...should saved myself a fortune and just gone to liquor store for boxes.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Oh I know! How is it that they have all these toys but dirt, rocks, hair, and trash are much more fun!