Saturday, September 29, 2007

milestones, comparisons and "did I really say that?"

Lucky cut his first tooth this week.

This event is just one more example of how very different my children are from each other.

Stinkerbell suffered with each tooth's gradual emergence through her gums. Fevers and blow-out diapers were constant companions during her teething months. Upper teeth brought on their own special hell via extreme sinus congestion and ear infections. Tylenol and teething tablets went everywhere with us.

Lucky has not had a fever. We've not felt the need to give him Tylenol or teething tablets. Actually, I haven't even bought any teething tablets. He has always been a chewer and heavy drooler, so I can't tell you that he has been chewing or drooling more. He has been sucking on his wrist and elbow. There is even a hickey to prove it.

Yes, my son gave himself a hickey.

He's such a good natured little boy. Unless he's hungry, then he's a demanding little loud-mouth.

This week is our county's agricultural fair. It's the typical fair, with less fried everything. The theme for craft and art entries was "Let Freedom Ring". Stinkerbell colored an American flag. It was very good. She did it ALL BY HERSELF. She didn't win a ribbon. The winner was a "bald eagle" flying in front of a flag. I use quotation marks here because the "eagle" looked a little bit like a pigeon. Nevertheless, it was very good work. Much too good for a first-grader to have done without help. Lots of help. It ticked me off a little bit. But Stinkerbell was just proud of herself for her own flag and didn't cry.

I'll just try again next year.

I'm love my kid. Just a little bit.

While waiting in line for the Tilt-A-Whirl with the girl from her soccer team affectionately named "PowerFoot", I experienced one of those surreal CompetiMommy moments.

The line was a mess, crowded and going in 4 different directions. PowerFoot's mom and I were doing our best to help them not get squished by the crowd or lost in the crowd or molested by the crowd or eaten by the crowd - clearly my mommy phobias were getting the best of me. But we were especially trying to make sure they got on the ride as quickly as possible.

Because we're pushy like that.

There was a gap in the crowd that was masquerading as a line. PowerFoot's mom tells the girls to move on up in the line.

"be aggressive!"

PowerFoot's mom laughed at me till she cried.

And if you were wondering before, you should have your answers now. I am one of those moms who yells at her kid from the sidelines. But I'm also the mom who cheers for all the kids when during the game - even the other team (whose moms are yelling "kick it out of bounds" to keep PowerFoot from scoring.)

Now, I'll be leaving the internet and moving on to ESPN. Surely you're not surprised. I am the AUBURN Gal Always.


moosh in indy. said...

Oh good.
I want to smack two three year olds that call my kid "crazy hair".
Be aggressive right?

Melizzard said...

I so try not to be that mom, but I so am.

Super B's Mom said...

HAHA Aha! You're that mom! :P

We went on Tuesday night - had a great time. I can totally relate to the crowd thing. There were several times I felt I was going to hyperventilate and I had the death grib on Super B's wrist.

Frank said...

How about those Tigers! War Eagle!