Monday, September 24, 2007

pants shopping + near tears + tired 6 year-old = hot date

Tomorrow evening The Mighty Hunter's business is doing a Grand Opening/Open House at their showroom in Gadsden. I decided this might just be an opportunity to buy some new clothes.

Yes, I'm a smart one.

Well, maybe not. I decided that Friday evening, after dinner, would be a fine-and-dandy time to go find some pretty, new dress pants to pair with my sad, old shoes and blouses. Friday evening, after mowing the yard and moving things around in the garage ("cleaning" wasn't accomplished, just shuffling), after Stinkerbell's day at school, after throwing together some dinner (left-overs plus a bag of frozen veggies and Stinkerbell's "Famous Baked Potatoes"), after The Mighty Hunter spent the day bush-hogging (no, this has nothing to do with anyone's girly parts or any member of the porcine family. it's an implement pulled behind a tractor that cuts very tall grass), after dealing with Lucky's poop diapers all day....

where was I???

Oh, yeah.

I can now look back and see that maybe, just MAYBE, I could have picked a better time to go look for pants.

Stinkerbell's method of handling fatigue is with frantic I-can't-stop-moving-or-I-may-fall-asleep behavior. You can guess that I didn't handle it well. There were threats. There were swats made at her hiney. There were promises of no TV for the rest of the weekend. There might have been a moment or two when I asked Beboo (who now regrets tagging along to find pants for herself) "it's time like this when I wonder why I became a mom."

I almost cried with the extreme frustration and exasperation I felt while dealing with Stinkerbell while trying to find something to wear. Three times.

The next day, Beboo offers to The Mighty Hunter to watch the kids so that he and I can go to dinner.


Alone together.


So, I told Stinkerbell that her daddy and I were going to dinner while Beboo hung out with her and Lucky.

ooooohhh! You and Daddy are going on a date. You're gonna have a hot date!

"um, yeah. a hot date. you got it sistah!"

So, we went to eat. We chose a place not too far from home so that we could get home and get Stinkerbell bathed and in bed on time.

where do you want to eat?

"I want breakfast. And not Cracker Barrel."

breakfast? not Cracker Barrel? where then?

We ate omelets and hashbrowns at Huddle House.

oh yeah. We're serious food snobs.


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

A date? Hmm, not sure I know what that is?! Sounds like fun, though.

Beboo is an awesome friend.

willblogforshoes said...

My date and I ended up in a bit of a dive watching Troy play football. But the dive-like establishment serves the best burgers. So it was a good thing. And it was a lot like our actual dates back in the day, though no karaoke was attempted. Also a good thing!

Super B's Mom said...

What an awesome friend!!!

I used to LOVE eating at the Huddle House!! Grilled cheese..mmm. But now, Super Dad and I prefer the classier Sonic.