Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Keri's How To's #1

Today, I'm introducing a theme that will (or maybe not) be revisited from time to time here.

Keri's How To...

Today, I will enlighten you on How To NOT Get A Job With Benefits and Good Salary

A friend that worked for The Mighty Hunter had interviewed for this same position and would have been offered the job had she not accepted a job at a local attorney's office. So, I had a little insight into the job and the interview process, etc. before I was even contacted to schedule an interview.

A quick phone interview with the HR Gal happened Monday. During it, she said that she would take her notes to the VP and, depending on his interest, she would schedule a personal interview. Later that day, I got the call asking for the personal interview.

"Be here at 8, please. From 8-8:30, you will fill out the application. 8:30-9, I will meet with you. 9-10, you will be interviewed by the Dir of Marketing. 10-11, you will be interviewed by the VP."

I was aware of the length of the interview process already and thought it ridiculous.

With the life changes we are currently handling, The Mighty Hunter and I talked about the job a lot. We discussed the salary requirements that would justify my putting Lucky in daycare and arranging after-school care for Stinkerbell. Plus the housekeeping help I'd have to have and extra expenses for simply not being at home as much.

We picked a number. We both knew it was high for the job. We both knew they'd probably say "soooooorrreeeeee." We both were ok with that.

But if they want ME, they're gonna have to pay me enough so that I can justify leaving my children right now. And because of the tumult and stress Stinkerbell is experiencing, it would have to be what we consider a lot.

I completed their application.

I met with HR Gal. She asked a question about my most recent salary, which naturally led to my salary requirements.

"Sorry to waste your time."

So, I'm still "unemployed." And, interestingly, I'm relieved about it.

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Kaye said...

Good for you for standing up for what you guys really need and not being afraid to ask for it.

Keep up the fantastic work.

And I can so understand being relieved about it.