Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Deep Thoughts

#1 - I’m trying to be optimistic about my first 10 days without The Mighty Hunter, but realism keeps whispering to me that I’m gonna be a little overwhelmed and it will be ok if I yell a little and run late for soccer games and don’t get the oil changed in my van and we eat only fish sticks and hot dogs and crackers and Sprite. My kids will still love me and I’ll still love them and there will be more soccer games and fish is good for their little brains.

#2 - (while watching Stinkerbell and friends ride the Tilt-A-Whirl at the county fair tonight) "I used to love this ride. But since I had children, my equilibrium has changed. I never would have thought my inner ear is connected to my uterus, but, sure 'nuf, it is!"

1 comment:

Super B's Mom said...

I feel like a horrible mom for not taking Super B to the fair. I just can't get excited about it b/c last year I was totally unimpressed by all the nasty, stinky people walking all over me. It was disgusting.

But kids don't care - they think it's the grandest thing ever.

I hope he doesn't find out the fair is here....