Wednesday, October 08, 2008

For Anni

I've been a loyal lurker at Moreena's blog for some time now. I forget exactly how I discovered her, but I always get a little thrill each time I see a new post from her in my Google Reader.

Her words are beautiful and full of joy and pain. Her gift for describing the mundane is unequalled. Her insight into the joys of motherhood is piercing. Her perspective on the burden of raising two gorgeous daughters, one of whom has been terribly ill since birth, is amazingly all-encompassing.

Today, Moreena's family received the phone call that they've awaited for years and hoped would come in time. Anni is getting her third liver tonight.

And it's Moreena's birthday today.

They need your prayers. Go leave a comment and let that precious family know you are lifting them up to your Lord.

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Kaye said...

Thanks for introducing me to this blog. What a blessing!