Thursday, October 30, 2008

Inevitable. ?

I'm tired of it all. I'm tired of hearing the candidates blast each other. It's that whole mud-slinging thing. You can't do it without getting a little on yourself.

But I still feel compelled to spew my 2 cents on the three of you who, for some reason, are reading this today.

I know what the candidates are saying. "lower your taxes" blah blah blah The fact of the matter is that with the TRILLION dollar bailout and some new stimulus package the government has jumped into the deep-end over, there MUST be a way to repay that TRILLION DOLLARS. And with a budget already in deficit, it will come from increased taxes.

There. BOTH McCain and Obama will raise taxes.

But what matters to me is whether they actually intend to raise them.

One candidate has claimed he will cut taxes for those under $250k/year.

No, wait. He never actually said $250k. He said $200k.

Oops. Terribly sorry. You must have misunderstood or you're believing the attacks of his candidate. He said $150k - per married couple.

You really shouldn't be listening to all that rhetoric.

So, yeah.

Also, what's so awful about that video that the LA Times has? Why is it being suppressed like it is?

Why are there years when one candidate was in college that he refuses to discuss? What could have possibly happened that he would refuse to even touch the subject?

Anyway. I feel a little lighter now.

Also, am hungry. BBQ sandwich is calling my name. yummmmmm


Blondie said...

I voted today. Go McCain/Palin! Can I just say that I am enduring the worst case of election fatigue that I have ever had?

I am also fed up with "main stream" media, liberal newspapers, and the more-than-occasional snarky comment from a liberal that only wants something for nothing.

I really pray that I don't wake up on Wednesday, November 5, to the realization that come January, I will be living in a socialist nation. There - I said it - the S word. Yeah, I'm sick of all of it!

Don't even get me started on the bailout, taxes, welfare, etc.

Keep fighting the good fight!


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm so with you...BBQ sounds really good. :))

I voted absentee this week...just doing my part to give John and Sarah Alabama! :))

Kaye said...

You know how I've stayed away from campaign fatigue? Turned off the TV. We only watch about 1 hr a night and it's typically on HGTV or Discovery or something. I don't even watch the news. I check the weather online and then I look at to see what news stories I need to catch up on.

I voted early last week and I am supporting McCain. I don't love him, but he is my choice. Other than that, I will just wait until Wednesday and see how the cookie crumbles and hope our nation doesn't do the same (crumble that is).