Thursday, October 16, 2008

gut feelings

I've never claimed to have a good ability to "read" people. The Mighty Hunter is quite good at it. It's surprising how many times he has "pegged" someone after meeting them for the first time.

I've gotten better at it over the past few years, but I'm still not comfortable at making instinctive judgments about someone and whether they're trustworthy, honest, kind, etc.

Welcome to Keri's World. Here life is not perfect. People aren't perfect, but they're not mean. They're not out to take advantage of you. They aren't conniving or manipulative. They aren't waiting for you to slip up and jump on you, like a rabid rabbit.

(Anyone get that obscure movie reference?)

Life is great in Keri's World. No one moves to another country, pretends to abide by the laws and take part in the society then utilize the educational opportunities so that they can learn to fly planes ("no, I'm not worried about learning to LAND") into buildings and kill thousands. No one hates another simply for their beliefs and faith and skin color (or lack thereof, in my pasty case.)

In Keri's World, we're all good folks.

But, back here in the real world, I need to be able to discern good from bad.

Call that discrimination. Call it profiling. Call it self-preservation. Call it whatever you want. It's just plain smart and necessary.

I do my level best to make as few judgments on others until after I've gotten to know them. I hope others give me the same opportunity to prove how harmlessly goofy I am, rather than just assume I'm an idiot.

Yet, it is necessary in adult life to learn to sense things about other people. It is necessary to pay attention to that creepy, hair-standing-up-on-your-neck feeling in order to protect yourself.

And that's the feeling a certain presidential candidate gives me.

He strikes me as slick. Too polished. Too PC. Too concerned with saying the "right things" at all times. Too concerned about morphing into the character that sells to whatever crowd he's facing at any particular moment. Too concerned about offending other nations by preferring his own most. Too... too... too sneaky.

I sometimes get the impression there's a ventroliquist off-stage that is moving his mouth and choosing his words, playing us for fools.

And maybe we are fools.

We are facing a terrifying economic situation, rivaling that of the 1930s. Thousands of us spent too much money on our cars and shoes and clothes and homes, and instead of accepting responsiblity for OUR actions, we're blaming President Bush and his "failed economic policies" from the past 8 years.

Newsflash, folks. Pres Bush didn't approve your mortgage for an amount more than you could actually afford to pay. Pres Bush didn't advise you to build or buy above your means. Pres Bush didn't tell you that it's ok to spend more than you make.

(Not to point fingers, but it was Pres Clinton that de-regulated the federally-sponsored agencies that funded and promoted mortgages to the sub-prime market. And it was a community organization that harassed banks and bankers into lending to bad risk customers. This same community organization is involved in the SURPRISE! voter fraud troubles in 13+ states!)

Which candidate labels a major portion of his professional experience as a Community Organizer?

Which candidate admits to having represented this very community organization in a lawsuit about - wait for it - voter fraud?

Which candidate has performed an incredible slight of hand and made disappear his job with this community organization as a trainer?

If I were to think about it, I am certain that I could find a period or two in my life that I would like to make disappear. (In a few years, this bankruptcy business would be the first to go.) But to poof! a part of my life away would be dishonest and diminish the lessons learned.

Which candidate refuses to acknowledge his association with individuals that hold divisive and seditious opinions and have been involved in violent acts against fellow citizens?

If I had the opportunity, I'd LOVE to distance myself from certain persons in my past. I'd love to simply describe some relationships as we've been in the same room. We supported the same organization. But to deny my relationship with these people would be to refuse to admit my own mistakes in judgment and bad decisions in choosing my friends.

In choosing to NOT admit to these things in his past, this candidate is condoning the actions (past and present) that so many of us find wrong.

I remember from my high-browed, theoretical discussions about Very Important Topics back at AU, that there are those who refuse to place the label of "Wrong" or "Evil" or "Immoral" on anything, because that would be imposing one's morals and belief set on another. And that would just be wrong. (The irony. I am full of it.) This candidate drips with the attitude of "accept the beliefs and morals of everyone, even if their beliefs say that an obviously immoral or repulsive act is ok. I'd hate to offend someone. Or be accused of being intolerant!"

I'll just put forth my very non-PC, intolerant belief set...

Serve Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life. There is no other way to God, but through Him. Preserve life. Love, protect and serve others. Be honest. Be pure. Be respectful. Be kind. Treat others in ways that I would wish to be treated. Acknowledge the difference between a person's actions (oftentimes they're mistakes) and a person's character. Give second chances. And when you can't give more chances, give forgiveness and move on.

Trying to remember my point...

My gut is feeling something. It feels suspicious of one candidate. And that suspicion is only one reason I'm voting for the candidate who has lived a life of service. A life that has, admittedly, included mistakes in judgment and poor choices in friendships. If he seems robotic or awkward or stiff or mechanical, think about the events that caused those life-long injuries. Think about the experiences in his history that he would love to poof! away. Being a POW would be the first to go, don't you think? He may lack polish, but he exudes pride. And not self-pride, but pride in his country. Pride in being a servant. Pride in his people. Behind that pride is a love for others. For you cannot put your life on the line for anyone that you do not love.

Would the other candidate die for you? Would he endure torture and abuse for you?

My gut says no.

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Michelle said...

amen sista... thanks for putting into words what I just can't seem to...

Blondie said...

Preach it, girl!


Mrs. Jones said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't usually post on politics because people feel so strongly about these things (which is why I hit the delete button). I am a fairly conservative Christian, and my point wasn't that other religions are ok. I believe God's way is the only way. But I also don't think other people should be hated. I don't think that's how Christ wants us to act. And as far as candidates go, my gut tells me the complete opposite. But that's just my personal opinion. ;-)

Blessings to you.


midlife mommy said...

Amen. What amazes me is how many people are drinking the Koolaid and have lost their objectivity.

Lady Dorothy said...

I so agree with you.

When you said you thought there was a ventriloquist, I knew just what you meant! I've told people that I think he is just a front man. That he is being used (willingly, of course) for other people's and nation's agendas.

elizabeth said...

Haven't had the time to do much blogging lately or even keep up with everyone elses for that matter. I haven't been here in a while, but so glad I stopped to read some of these posts I had missed. This one is great. I wish I had your words! Couldn't agree more with you.