Sunday, November 02, 2008

Birthday wishes to Scott Fillmer

I've recently discovered a blogger who not only writes interesting stuff - he takes GREAT pictures! AND! he is in my beloved Auburn! AND! he does some interesting and inspiring ministry work!

His birthday is this month - actually it falls on the same day as the Auburn vs alabama game. (And the whole War Eagle Nation says a fervent prayer. Amen.) But on Scott's birthday, he is giving away his old computer.

And I want to win it.

Which is the point of this silly little post.

To win the computer.

Also, you should go look at his blog.

It's here.

War Eagle!

(btw, Scott. I'm posting this for my brother, who does not blog. I know! An American who does NOT blog! The HORROR! Just know that he, his wife and 4 kids will have a lot of good times with your old Dell!)

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