Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Won't my mom be proud?

Earlier today, while talking with Bev about all the random Important Things we discuss, every day, for what seems hours, i complained that my parents had not sealed their absentee ballot envelopes.

At this point, we discussed the whole urban legend about how roaches like envelope glue. A hunting buddy of The Mighty Hunter's and Carl's owns a print shop and confirms the high population of nasty bugs in the storage room with their envelopes.


Anyway, we discussed how we seal envelopes without actually putting our tongues to the nasty-tasting, bug-loving glue.

Bev's technique involves licking a fingertip and wiping the glue with a different finger until it is wet enough to seal.

I was currently using the wet paper towel wipe method.

But when I'm away from a sink and a paper towel, I am still very unwilling to lick it myself. I had never thought of licking my fingertips. Instead, I always have Sissy lick them!

There will be a spot on your election ballots today for "Mother of the Year", I hope you will write in my name.

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midlife mommy said...

Oh yuck!!! I have not ever heard this before.