Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Warm-Fuzzy

It's not a great day in my sad, little world.

I thought it would be different. I thought that the filing of The Mighty Hunter's bankruptcy would bring a catharsis. "New start." "Blank slate." "Fresh beginnings."

Well, it would, I suppose, if it weren't for the rainy-day, dear-Lord-why-is-this-happening?, I-just-want-to-sleep-and-cry-and-eat-macaroni-and-cheese, also-chocolate-chip-cookies, deep depression that is lingering in my heart.

And, were it not for the wonderful kids that follow me around all day, begging for scraps of food and my attention reminding me there are things to do and to get my head out of the sand, I'd probably still be in bed, sleeping and/or crying.

But, instead, I was sitting on the couch crying. Bemoaning the whole situation to my very patient, saintly friend, Beverly. Admitting the depth of my depression and despondency over the bankruptcy and loss made my cry even more. But Beverly was able to point out the incredible blessings I have that no bankruptcy can take away.

And that's when Lucky, the stingiest kisser in the world, climbed up on top of me and gave me 6 big, sloppy, wet kisses.

And a few hugs too.

And jabbered some nonsense profound knowledge to me.

And then he kissed the couch.

1 comment:

Super B's Mom said...

Chin up girl.

And least he kissed you first. ;)