Sunday, November 23, 2008

it finally happened

Sissy is 7. Her 8th birthday is in January 2009. I thought we had made it past the time where we were at risk for this kind of thing.

If I believed in karma, I'd say that's what it was.

I was smug.

I have been returned to my proper place of humility and am happy there.

Friday evening, Sissy was sent upstairs to get ready for bed. "Vitamins, brush your teeth, pajamas, potty."

And like many other times, she lingered. And, like those other times, I didn't worry.


She returns to the kitchen, where I'm warming milk for Lucky. She looks me straight in the eye. She is not afraid, embarassed, worried, concerned, upset, sad, mad. She's simply filing a report with me that, somehow, for some reason, she had used my little eyebrow brush and some off her eyebrows had come out.

Of both eyebrows.

In spots.

Pictures, later. I promise.

(She now has new, very strict rules about mommy's makeup, cosmetic tools, etc. "NEVER EVER TOUCH THEM!!!")


Since YOUR kids didn't gap their eyebrows, why not snap a picture of them and let me pop it into a custom Christmas card?

Or better yet. Why not leave a comment here and maybe WIN one of two free designs?!?!


Blondie said...

A friend's daughter, who is 9 (soon to be 10), just cut a huge chunk out of her long, blonde hair. In the front. Again. For the third time. Maybe there is no outgrowing it (says the chicken that has never put her own scissors to her hair)!

Kaye said...

When my niece was about 6, she cut a huge chunk of hair out of the front of her head...the day before the first day of school, which also happened to be picture day there. Needless to say, my sister was NOT happy. =)

Anonymous said...