Thursday, December 18, 2008

cheap frugal gift idea

We always try to give a gift to each of the women at our church that is somehow involved in Sissy's classes and programs. This year, I counted 8.

Like me, they're probably not worried about exactly what they get from the kids. They may not remember any gift at all from a previous year.

I always try to keep it simple. One year, I found cute little, very nice ornaments at Michael's for $3 each. I bought a few extra for those "oops! I forgot to get them something!" moments.

I don't remember what Sissy gave last year. No clue.

This year, I had an idea in the throes of desperation that might turn out to be one of my best yet.

I grabbed small cosmetic bags for $1.47 or $1.97 each.

I grabbed a nice glass nail file $1.06 each.

Next, I grabbed a small bottle of Germ-X $.50 each and Jergen's hand lotion $1.00 each.

2 four-packs of lip balm $2.26 per pack ($.56 per tube.)

$4.89 per gift.

I may even raid my stash of purse-sized packs of tissue to add a little stuffing to it.

And, to think, all those hotel-sized lotions would be handy right now!


Kaye said...

Great idea!

Super B's Mom said...

HAHA Somehow I knew the hotel lotion would make it's way into this post!!

Great idea! I am scrambling to get last minute stuff done. In fact, this post reminded me that I have to get a gift for B's sunday school teacher!!

triste said...

OK Chick, it's been 2 days, no new posts. I really look forward to reading your posts and if you don't post anything new....well then, what do I have to look forward to???? Your posts are my bedtime stories, I always check it before I go to bed. I expect a post soon, don't disappoint me. I love ya sistah, SMOOCHES(disclaimer)