Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not so warm and fuzzy

You know how I always tell stories here in a very round-about, I'll get there eventually, here's something interesting about that, ADD, yet adorable way? Well, that's the case most of the time.

But this is not one of those times...

I called my ob/gyn's office Friday and made an appointment for Monday afternoon. I have a squishy, tender lump in my left breast.

I told The Mighty Hunter, who is in Houston until Wednesday. I explained that I have had fibrocystic lumps for, like, ever. And that they occasionally get tender. But this one has stayed tender for longer than I would like. That it is probably because I have a 35+ lb. 23 month-old lineman who thinks that I am his jungle-gym and pillow and punching bag. I told him not to worry and that I almost didn't tell him, but I knew he would KILL me if I hadn't told him.

I told my mom, who will be going with me to the appointment.

I told Beboo, who will be keeping the kiddos during the appointment.

I told Misty, who said "get your a$$ to the doctor" or something like that. (Hey, Sistah!)

And, now, I'm telling you. Because I'm a blogger and that's what bloggers do.

So, after I spend the morning getting my blonde on and the scraggly, frizzy dead-ends cut off the mop that is my hair, I'll be getting my boobies squished.

And for some strange reason, the two things seem to fit nicely together, don't they?

Prayers and happy, healthy, gentle-squishing thoughts will be appreciated.


triste said...

YOU GO GIRL! Way to take control of the situation. Make the appointment, get the boob squished and go from there! You know I will be sending up loving, happy, healthy, non painful squishy thoughts for you. LOVE YOU MY SISTAH! SSSMMMOOCCHHEESSS

Michelle said...

I'm very proud of you!! So many times we mommies don't take care of ourselves!! I would say that I will be there in "spirit" with you, but that might be I'll be praying for you!!!!
Merry Merry Christmas to my bloggy friend!!!

midlife mommy said...

I'm behind in my reading, but I hope that by now, they've told you that all is well.