Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa came a couple days late

But he brought this for The Mighty Hunter...

This afternoon, I went to get pizza. While I was gone, FIL and Fiance' and The Mighty Hunter were with the kids. When I returned, The Mighty Hunter had just disappeared on everyone. We all knew that he had just "slipped up to the edge of the woods" to see if there were any deer about, especially in the green field he had planted for them.

He came back and claimed he had shot an 8-point. None of us had heard his shot. So no one believed him.

After he inhaled a piece of pizza, he took FIL and Sissy out to get it.

He had heard other hunters tell stories like what happened tonight but had never believed them. They just seemed silly. He always blamed it on the other hunter's bad aim or whatever.

After he had shot the deer, he walked over and picked up its head and confirmed that it was dead. There was no response or movement from the deer.

When he returned with Sissy and FIL in the truck, the lights from the truck shined on the deer's head. The deer lifted his head, got up off the ground and started to run away.

He took one more shot.

Merry Christmas to The Mighty Hunter.

You sexy thang, you.


Super B's Mom said...

I'm suddenly overcome with laughter thinking of the movie "Tommy Boy" when the buck comes back to life and goes NUTS inside the car....

That is NUTS!!

Btw...I'm going to be totally creeped out thinking of this story the next time I shoot a deer.

triste said...

OK, this is so wrong. Can you imagine this morning when this sweet little dear woke up???? He had no idea that today would end the way it did. I am struck with such grief and disbelief. WHY, WHY did this have to happen???? Just kiddin, I know TMH is excited and I am very proud (no not proud) excited for him (well, maybe not excited)....happy for him yeah that's it.

Karen said...

Congrats! What a nice one, and meat in the freezer is always nice, too. Merry Christmas, indeed.