Friday, May 22, 2009

If you give a kid an ear infection...

I had this idea of how to tell you about the Week of the Ruptured Ear Drum in a whole "If you give a mouse a cookie" voice.

Except I'm just so dad-gummed tired that I can't make it work.

Basically, it would have gone something like this...

Sunday afternoon crying, "something must be wrong" behavior
night-time fever
Monday morning ear infection
$15 copay
$43 in prescriptions
alternating tylenol and ibuprofen for 3 days
liquid diet
a few goldfish crackers
a few saltine crackers
sleepus interruptus
Wednesday night better sleep
Thursday morning yellow, draining ear
ear wax/pus crustiness on beautiful new comforter
$15 copay
$30 in prescription
cancel swimming lessons to begin in 10 days
forget to buy more tylenol and ibuprofen and water-proof ear plugs for bathtime
fever is gone
puking up bright RED slushy-type drink Grandmother gave him
eating 12 "chicky balls" (aka popcorn chicken)
falls asleep at 7:30pm
optimism about night's sleep
11:30pm wakes up and wants to get in Thinking Chair and play
screams when Mommy lovingly brushes his ear
tylenol and ibuprofen alternating again
refusal to go back to sleep in the bed
will only sleep in the recliner
wakes up in recliner
refuses to sleep in recliner
will only sleep in bed
wakes up in bed
refuses to sleep in bed
will only sleep in recliner
wakes up in recliner
refuses to sleep in recliner
will only sleep in bed
8:30am phone wakes up Mommy
9am kid wakes up
liquid diet
doesn't want to watch Blue's Clues or Handy Manny or Backyardigans or Hip Hop Harry or Phineas and Ferb or - wait! Pink Panther! yup! will watch Pink Panther
contentedly sits with Sissy
ear is crusted with nasty stuff
Mommy doesn't care


Blondie said...

How horrible for him (and you)!

I hope he feels better soon.

I have a friend whose baby had tubes put in a few months ago in hopes of curbing the ear infections and burst ear drums. Didn't happen. He's got another raging ear infection! (and has had them pretty much since the tubes went in)

Hang in there, Mom!

Karen said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry. I hope things improve there quickly.