Sunday, May 10, 2009

Will this year be any better?

9 years ago today, I peed on a stick and the sleep-deprivation began.

Last year, I was treated to a hectic lunch at Ryan's Steakhouse Buffet Madness. I did not enjoy it. Something Ryan's uses causes me, um, stomach "distress". I lovingly refer to it and Krystal as "gut bombs." The Mighty Hunter sat at the end of the table and talked to his aunt and uncle while I tried to eat 3 bites while feeding the then 1 y-o and escort the then 7 y-o to and from the buffet for her 4th helping of corn.

I don't think I had 3 bites.

I do know that when I came back from our 3rd trip for corn, my plate had been removed by the over-zealous server.

The Mighty Hunter was surprised when I "expressed" my Frustrations and Disappointment and HUNGER.

But, hey, if I didn't get 3 bites, then the likelihood of the gut bomb's explosive nature was significantly reduced.

Today very well may be an exact repeat of last year. The aunt and uncle are coming and will be eating lunch with us. It is their idea to go to a restaurant, "so no one has to clean up afterwards." Clearly their stomachs are lined with Teflon and not offended by Ryan's over-use of preservatives and C-4.

I fully intend to suggest at least 5 alternatives.

3 years ago today, I was about to pee on a stick.

Today, I will not pee on a stick, nor do I plan on it anytime soon - as in, EVER.

But I love my kids. They are the joys of my life. Sissy's heart is so full and tender. Lucky's eyes are bright and observant. They love each other and their parents. And they know we love them. I fail them as their mother every single day. Yet, I try to be the best mom I possibly can be. I never want them to doubt my love for them. I know these simple things are important because I learned them as a kid.

I never doubted my mom's love for me. She sacrificed so much to insure that I could be whatever I dreamed. I'm one of the lucky ones. While my mom wasn't perfect, she was perfect for me. She taught me so many things. She loved me unconditionally. She taught me of Jesus' perfect love and his sacrifice for my eternal soul. She tolerated my attitudes and misadventures. She forgave and corrected me. She set a great example for me to follow.

I love my mom. She's my hero.

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Karen said...

That is the best picture EVER.

The only sticks I ever hope to pee on again are the ones in the woods when I have to make a pit stop.