Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Treading Water

Tomorrow is the last day of second grade for Sissy.

Dear Lord, help me. My little girl is growing up.

The Mighty Hunter and I were talking about surreal it is that our children are growing up. It's the kind of experience where you are intellectually aware that a certain event will occur or a period of time will pass, yet you are unaware of the the event's approach or the passage of that time.

Suddenly, she is 8 1/2.

As he put it, we're halfway through our time with her.

I cried.

It was very inconsiderate of him to say such a thing.

Lucky has a raging ear infection. Sunday afternoon, he began the pitiful act. During the night, he ran a fever. Monday morning, we stalked the doctor's office, waiting for them to arrive after dropping their own children off at school. We walked in and begged attention. His left ear looked very bad. The pharmacy was $44 richer after our 2 prescriptions.

Welcome to the reality of penicillin allergies.

He is still not much better. His fever is controlled by tylenol and ibuprofen, but when they wear off, he is miserable. Crying. Wailing. Tossing. Turning. Clinging. While they're active in his body, you'd never guess he was sick, except for tiring a little easier than normal.

He has hardly eaten this whole week. Today: some fish crackers, 2 banana popsicles, half cup of chocolate milk, cup of apple juice, cup of Sprite, and is now eating an apple.

The Mighty Hunter flew to Seattle last night. He tried to arrange for me to visit him this coming weekend. I just wasn't willing or ready to ask someone to keep the kids for 4-5 days. I also am not ready to leave Lucky for that long. He hasn't been away from me for more than 24 hours at a stretch yet. He's mommy's shadow.

Soon, we'll have enough frequent flier miles that all 3 of us can fly to see him and have a nice visit away from home.

My neck and shoulders are so tired and achy from holding the 35 lb boy up close and rocking him and hugging him and consoling him. I'm also more than a little sleep-deprived from his waking and not being able to rest well.

Dear Lord, please help us both to rest well tonight.

My friends are separating tomorrow. My heart breaks for all of them. They are turning the world upside down on those kids.

If I had a pillow right now, I'd be asleep.

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