Monday, June 02, 2008

Blawgher 08

Trista has taken the initiative to try and organize the gathering of bloggers that has been casually named Blawgher: Birmingham Bloggers + All You Can Eat Catfish Party.

Let me just say this: Trista, you're one brave chick to jump in the deep end this way.

So that the dozens of you who visited after she and BooMama linked to me will know me and my neuroses a little better, here is a brief introduction/warning...

When we celebrated Elvis's 73rd birthday, I turned 37. I married my college sweetheart, The Mighty Hunter, almost 16 years ago. We have a daughter, Stinkerbell, who turned 7 in January. Our son, Lucky, was born in January of 2007. This means that everyone, but The Mighty Hunter, has a birthday in January. This means, also, that The Mighty Hunter's January hunting (the "rut") is pretty screwed up for the next few years - at least until Stinkerbell or Lucky become as obsessed as he is.

My blogonym is Auburn Gal Always due to my loyalty to my alma mater, Auburn University. And in obedience to the oath we swore as true Southerners and, more specifically, Alabamians, we love our football. I will not state the obvious as which team we prefer. But, one day, I'll share with you how I rank college football teams.

I am a SAHM now. I left my job as business manager for my dad's company a few months before Lucky's birth. I now struggle to find time to cut my toenails between errands, changing diapers, softball games, swimming lessons, library summer reading programs, VBS, avoiding trying to clean the house and mowing the yard.
The Mighty Hunter owns a window and door sales company, for which I contribute my vast enough-to-be-dangerous computer skills.
If I were to have time to pursue a hobby - other than blogging - it would probably be (more) photography, learning to sew and napping.

I began blogging while trying to conceive Lucky. It was, originally, my attempt to record some of Stinkerbell's more memorable and hysterically funny things. You can read some of them here

I am terribly excited about the opportunity to get out of the house without the kids meet the other bloggers I've stalked read.

If you're also considering attending Blawgher 08, visit Trista and let her know by doing what I just did. Except I'm certain you'll do a better job and be much funnier and more interesting - and you probably won't feel compelled to use the strikeout code as much as I just did.
I'm sure there's something else that I could/should say.
Probably not, though.
I am supposed to leave a link to Trista's post about Blawgher 08. So, um, LINK


Anonymous said...

Great to meet you!! We share hobbies. And if I had time to pursue any of mine, I think I'd rank them in the same order. :)

Becca Mae said...

Nice to meet you. You and my hubbie share the same alma mater. He's been trying to convert me, but hasn't worked yet. My daughter was born January 5, 2007. Isn't this stage of life fun? I think my fav right now is the word NO! Hope to meet you over cocktail sauce and hush puppies!

Distybug said...

Hello there! It's Distybug! Kumon is a center where kids can go to get help with reading and math. It's not tutoring. We have each child work through a series of assignments to build their confidence and increase their skills. Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to meeting you at Blawgher 2008!

Trista said...

Spread the word!