Friday, June 27, 2008

a bonus - just for you, T

T, left me a great comment with lots of bloggy sistah love.

You made me cry and laugh.

Ahhh, the best, most natural combinations in life. Crying and laughing. Bread and butter. Pintos and cornbread. Coca-cola and peanuts. Bartles and James.

Thank you. You're so right. I appreciate your understanding and empathy and support and perspective.

Drop me an email sometime and let's get our kids together and play, while you and I marvel how two Sand Mountain Natives end up sharing our lives and misery and joys as mothers over something besides Mountain Dew or Dr Pepper, but instead, we BLOG!!! There's probably a prayer meeting happening somewhere over this new-fangled blogging craze, AND! there could be snakes and dancing involved too!

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

The "single mom" thing hit home, HARD. I'm totally there this week.

Matter of fact, I was there last night, while I mowed the yard and he played golf.

No, I'm not bitter.

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Super B's Mom said...

Awww..a post just for MOI??? I feel so honored!! :) You know, I worried about my comments after I fact I had to pray about it this morning b/c I was troubled with it. I prayed that my comment would come across with the tone that I intended. I'm glad I didn't upset you.

I could really feel you, girl! And I totally "get it." We should DEFINITELY get the young'uns together so we can hang out!

I am still laughing about the snakes and dancing thing. I've never met you but I already love you! :) In a totally non-weird sisterly bloggin' kind of way, of course.