Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - VBS edition

This week is Vacation Bible School (aka: Please Let Me Just Stay At Home One Ever-Lovin' Night and Keep These Kids Outta My Face!!!) (also aka: Thank You, Jesus, For These Blessed Children, Please Help Me Keep My Focus On YOU)

It's also the last 3 days of swimming lessons for Stinkerbell and her BFF.

And then, there's the library summer reading program event on Thursday from 10-11.

You have NO idea how eagerly I'm awaiting Friday. NO IDEA!!!

So, forgive me for not posting this yesterday, you know, on MONDAY!

But, if you've ever participated in VBS as a mom or a teacher or a helper or a chauffer, you should understand that there were certain Demands on my Time yesterday that had to be considered.

These Demands on my Time are also having an effect on our Menu Plan

Monday - Thursday

breakfasts - frozen biscuits, cereal, toast, and/or bananas
lunches - The Mighty Hunter: at work; us: frozen pizzas, hot dogs, sandwiches, easy mac
dinners - The Mighty Hunter: at the mercy of Carl and Beboo (thank you, Lord, for Carl and Beboo and their patience with The Mighty Hunter); us: same choices as lunch* Thursday is pizza party night at VBS

Friday - I may actually COOK a "Meal". I'm dreaming of Honey Garlic Chicken Nuggets (I add Worcestershire and crushed red pepper and use chicken breasts cut into nuggets instead of wings) and Corn on the Cob and Sundried Tomato Garlic Spread and Strawberry Cheesecake.

Saturday - crock pot ribs or chicken of some kind with baked potatoes

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Super B's Mom said...

Ok...how do you make crock pot ribs? DO TELL!