Monday, June 23, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This will be another crazy, busy week, filled with too many activities and responsibilities and errands and visitors and lacking enough sleep.

Insomnia is visiting again.

Monday - Left-over steak and chicken fajitas, homemade strawberry ice cream
**Dermatologist appointment for Stinkerbell who has a very ugly rash that appeared Thursday morning. Pediatrician said it was a heat rash, but it has not cleared up ANY and has actually SPREAD all over her body from her jaw to the soles of her feet. My pretty baby is "covered in polka dots."

Tuesday - fresh corn on the cob, fresh fried okra, fresh squash and zucchini and some kind of meat out of the fridge or a "Wal-Mart chicken" (rotisserie, $5 each)
**Mom has appointment with her neurosurgeon to get results of her myeologram and schedule her next surgeries. She also has an appointment with her internist for prescription refills, etc.

Wednesday - Probably having dinner out with FIL who arrived last night after dinner.
**I'm getting a haircut and touch-up on my color. Stinkerbell will also have her hair cut by someone more skilled than her mommy.

Thursday - grilled chicken of some sort, possibly pintos and corn bread with it.
**Final Library Summer Reading Program event and awards party. As of this post, Stinkerbell has read 67 books. We're heading to the library to get more at 10, when the doors open.

Friday - finish grilled chicken, macaroni and cheese, left-over pintos and corn bread
**nothing planned for this day. I suppose I'll catch up on the housework I will have procrastinated the whole week.

Saturday - possible birthday party for my parents (depends on my brother's family's travel plans) If no party, then we'll have hamburgers and hot dogs and chips and dip (cause that's what will be in the fridge!)

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