Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Projects 2008

You might remember my obsessive habits and planning the I enjoy when there is a project (or three) looming ahead.

Well, here's what my summer has involved already and still has in store for me...

Last week, swimming lessons for Stinkerbell finished.

Last week was also Vacation Bible School.

Monday of this week, my mother had an appointment with her neurosurgeon. She needs two more surgeries: herniated disc(s) in her neck and vertebrae repair in her lumbar area. The neck problems is what led to the MRI from last year that discovered the spinal tumor. I managed to mow the yard after getting home from that trip.

Tuesday of this week, we returned to Birmingham for a myelogram.

Wednesday we rode the golf carts and hit some balls around. I am ashamed and scared to admit it, but I'm beginning to enjoy golf.

Yesterday was the 3rd weekly program for our local library summer reading program (not this library!) Stinkerbell has read (up to this minute) 54 books. Next week is the last program (an animal show) and awards party. I'm hoping she has read enough books to be competitive in her age group. (Yes, it's a little bit of a contest.) She is also going to and taking tests on lots of her books to earn prizes. Today, she earned a trip to the movies complete with a bucket of popcorn.

Today was a day that should have been productive, but it wasn't. I'm still in my pjs. So is she. Lucky is in his diaper. And I like it that way. We're going to the pool at our little country club to eat hot dogs with friends and relax this evening.

Tomorrow and Sunday will be a continuation of today's extravaganza of laziness.

My mom likes to plan a birthday party for my dad (in late August). Considering she is facing surgery in the very near future, I have planned a joint party for her (June 30) and dad. I'm hoping it will be next Saturday (the 28th). But it might be the 5th of July. So party planning is in the early stages.

School starts August 6. No joke. AUGUST. SIX. So I have 46 days with Stinkerbell. I hope to do as much as possible with her during these days, so my presence here may be limited to Wordless Wednesday updates on our summer activities. Please forgive me and don't forget me!

We may or may not go back to Dauphin Island. Gas is just so darn expensive.

I'm also working on my resume should the economy tank (even more) and we need additional income. So far, I haven't cried about this.

So far.

Happy First Day of Summer y'all!

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