Tuesday, December 12, 2006

32 weeks and 5 days.

51 days left.

God help us all.

I am living in this dream-world where the crib will be magically assembled by Santa's elves and diapers will fly in through the window or down the chimney and the white Christmas we sing about will refer to the baby powder that will be delivered by Santa himself.

This must be the case because I haven't made any of the preparations you might think a VERY pg woman would make.

Well, I have bought a couple of sweet little blue outfits on sale. I have chosen his me-me* blanket. Stinkerbell was given MANY blankets as gifts. She selected 2 nearly identical ones as her favorites. This was very convenient since it allowed me to wash one and still be able to give her one for snuggling.

So, I decided that I would select the me-me blanket for Peanut. We just have to make sure he prefers these sweet little blue ones over anything else that touches his skin.

Oh, yea. We have to choose a name.

The Might Hunter has threatened - err dreamed - of naming a son after his own dad. Now, let me say this first and very clearly. I think his dad is a wonderful person. One of the funniest, goofiest, most lovable men I know. Yes, he's a curmudgeon . There's no denying it. But he is one of my favorite people and would be even if he were not my father-in-law. But he has an unusual name.

Weird and off-the-wall name.

I can't find it anywhere in a single name book anywhere. Google doesn't find it as a name for a person. It is the name of a county in Ireland or Scotland.

I would name Peanut after The Mighty Hunter. His grandfather (well, one of them anyway. the one who cared about other people besides himself.) My grandfather(s).

Here's a list of the names of those men from our family. You pick out the one that belongs to The Mighty Hunter's dad. The rest are real names from either side of our family...


Can you blame me?

There have been a few discussions where The Mighty Hunter's arguments FOR using his dad's name have actually back-fired...

I circled my grand-father's name in the baby name book. This is the grand-father that died when I was a baby, so he didn't know him either - thus the name was unfamiliar to him. So, he says "Ira? Do you really like Ira?"

me: "sure"

him: "why???"

me: "It was my Papa's name."

him: "So what?"

big, dramatic, joyful pause...

me: "exactly!!!"

The other time was a discussion about a boy in Stinkerbell's class - Rufus. Yes, it's his real name. No, it's not a nickname because of his fascination with Ron Stoppable's naked mole rat.

him: "Rufus?!? Who names their kid Rufus?"

me: "he was named after his grandfather"

him: "that's no reason to give a kid a strange name like that."

another big, dramatic, even more joyful pause...

me: "exactly!!!"




So, we're calling in Jimmy Carter and the UN's top negotiators to assist in the name choice mediations.

Expect to hear about the final decision soon on Fox and MSNBC.

And, because I know you are curious how bad my Marge-Simpson-overbite belly button is progressing...


I have uploaded the picture TWICE now and no belly shot to show.

Will put it up at my flickr site.... Sorry!!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/auburngalalways/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/auburngalalways/320659314/


Merry Christmas!

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SouthernTransplant said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe your name battle, but I think you have made some very clever points. Stick to your guns! Maybe the name in question could be baby's middle name. The name game is not nearly as much fun as I thought it would be...boy, the pressure to pick the right one!

Your belly looks wonderful!!!!! You have NO stretch marks! I had more stretch marks than you before I got pregnant! You look so cute. I would love to see another shot of all of you, so that I can see your belly in proportion to the rest of you. KWIM? You don't have to post it - just email me. You really do look fantastic! I hope that I look that good at 35 weeks. I'm afraid I'm going to be huge. I'm losing weight, but you can definitely tell that my Peanut is growing. People started noticing that I'm showing last week. Awww what a moment! I felt like I just looked fatter...it was really nice to have someone say "wow! you are really starting to look pregnant"...not only did one person notice, but 3 different people commented. Best part of my week!!

By the way, who is Johnny from space?? (Commentor on your flikr site)