Thursday, December 28, 2006

What I've been doing today - when I wasn't taking down the Christmas decorations...

Car seat research... a site that has a database w/search capabilities for checking compatibilities of car seats and particular vehicles. No not every car seat works in every car. ivillage forum where car seats are discussed site with forums and other info about car seats on online vendor with user reviews and seemingly thorough range of choices a list of the above sites plus a few more that I haven't explored yet.

I also finished the invitations for Stinkerbell's birthday party at Club Libby Lu. I bought a pack of sticky pink, purple and clear sticky "jewels" in the scrapbook section at Wal-mart. I let her stick a few on each invitation. I also bought a pack of pretty card stock (different shades of pink and purple mostly). I sat and worked on how to make my own envelope out of the card stock. I finally figured it out - my grandmother would be proud - and trimmed the pretty paper down to fit the card perfectly (pretty much) and fold over to be the envelope. Now we'll find some cool, diva-like stickers to seal the envelopes.

Stinkerbell loves the invitations, the shiny jewels and the custom-made envelopes in matching colors.

I've played with the idea of designing and producing invitations for a home-based business. I've done invitations for birthday parties for free for friends from church (part of my birthday gift). If I ever do this type of invitation with the jewels and custom envelope, it won't be free or part of my gift. These are worth a little bit of money to me.

If I can find my camera, I'll take pictures. If not, I'll have to find a way to get the digital pics I took with our camcorder onto my puter and then I'll share them.

I should be asleep. I'm sleepy, but I probably won't be able to fall asleep for a while right now. I'm cranked up at the moment.

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