Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Butterscotch is a pyromaniac.

She is in our living room. She's too big for me to carry upstairs to Stinkerbell's room. I can easily slide her around and lift her for a short move. But I just don't want to carry her upstair. My hips and back and belly hurt too much.

Well, she has been placed in a prime position where Stinkerbell can sit on her and watch tv and play her guitar/ukulele. This position is in front of our gas fireplace. Which is fine, she's far enough away to not get too hot and catch on fire.

But she seems to notice when the fireplace lights up. (It's one of those w/a thermostat and turns itself off and on automatically.)

foof. flames. Butterscotch turns her head toward the fire.

I wonder what's going on inside her robotronic horse head. She has these long blond eyelashes that are very reminiscent of an old man's eyebrown. And she's constantly looking around the room as if to find something to chew on or somewhere to poop.

And a little something relating to yesterday's post...

Today, we plan on beginning the removal of all things Christmas. I'm now ready to plan Stinkerbell's birthday party and prepare for Peanut's arrival.

5 weeks and counting.





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