Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Stinkerbell's birthday party invitation.

Yes, I did it on my puter - Old Bess.

I've wasted the whole day on it.

How sad.

I should have taken down the Christmas tree, etc.

But I didn't.

I DID wash 2 loads of clothes.

I didn't fold them and put them away - YET.

I didn't cook supper. Our fridge is full of left-overs that I don't want. I want parmesan-garlic tossed boneless wings and fried from here. Troy Aikman knows his wings. lemmetellya

I did sit around in the living room while the plumber fixed my kitchen sink.

I did leave another message for and then talk to the oven/stove repairman. He's coming tomorrow to fix my oven which just can't get my chocolate chip cookies right and my stove eye that won't heat up half the time.

So, much like the squirrels looking for the rare acorns, I'm storing up energy for the trip with 5 girls (aged 5-9) to go to Club Libby Lu with one other parent in a few weeks. God help me.

I should now unload the VERY FULL dishwasher and clean off the bar where we ate lunch.

The Mighty Hunter is going out of town tomorrow and will return Saturday. He has a case of cabin fever I think. He has not wanted to hunt very much this year. Usually he spends every possible weekend in the woods - will even get up early in the morning to hunt for an hour or 2 before going to the office. Not this year though. He's just not as interested for some reason. I suspect that it's concern for me and my constant pg aches and pains.

I start weekly ob checks next Tuesday. yippee. I think there might have been a little too much enthusiasm in that "yippee." Once a week, I will get checked for dilation.

Anyone want to put on a mask and big wiggly belly and pretend to be me for a few minutes those days? I'll buy your lunch here. Wing Stop only serves lunch on Fridays here.

I suppose we should get our bassinet put together and wash those cute little blue baby sleepers.

I did register for baby gifts at Target and Wal-Mart and K-mart.

I'm making forward progress on something!

Anyone want to follow us to Club Libby Lu and laugh your head off at 5 little girls getting their hair twisted up into "Tween Idol" styles and putting on sparkly nail polish and pink eye shadow and then having a dance party? The effect it has on the girls is funny



and guaranteed to produce Diva behavior.

I'm gonna pry my butt up out of this recliner now.


Well, maybe in a minute.

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