Friday, December 29, 2006

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Doctor Doctor, give me the news


Give me the REAL 411


Surprise Day Surgery


What The Mighty Hunter really did instead of hunting today

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About 45 minutes ago, I answered the phone. Caller ID showed the number and city - making me think it was a cell phone - and wasn't a number I recognized.


-Hi, this is Dr. Shukkum (sp? no clue) Can I speak to Mr. Hunter?

-Which Mr Hunter? (thinking that it could be a call for Grand-daddy from one of the urologists following up from his prostate surgery. thoughts racing: is he ok? he's at Dauphin Island, he might have just called them with some questions and they're following up.)

-Mighty Hunter. I did his surgery this morning and wanted to check in on him.

-um um um (stopped IN. MY. TRACKS. THE MIGHTY Hunter - not Grand-daddy. surgery??? thinking that it could be a mistake, wrong phone number or something happened since talked. how do I get this dr to tell me about his patient w/o revealing confidential information on his Mighty Hunter? I spoke to The Mighty Hunter about 3 hrs ago. he was fine then - at the hunting club.)

-Auburn Mighty Hunter (this is obviously not what he really said. The dr said a combination of The Mighty Hunter's and my names.)

-um um (confused, but still concerned. Our phone number is listed under MY NAME, so if for some reason the dr couldn't find the phone in the chart, 411 would give out the number under my name.)

-Mighty's 22 years old...

-OH, no! wrong one. MY Mighty is 37. (beginning to laugh nervously. aware of the tightness in my stomach and chest.)

-I've dialed the wrong number! I'm terribly sorry!

-You're sorry! I'm 8 months pregnant. I talked to him about 5:30 from the hunting club and he was fine. And I think I'm having a contraction!

-Oh, yea. I've heard some of those hunting club stories. haha

-Yea. Hunting clubs! Now seriously, I think I'm having a contraction. And I'm not kidding about being 8 months pregnant.

-um um (his turn to stutter. It's only fair!)

-We'll have a good laugh about this later.

-Yes, ma'am, we will. You have a happy New Year. I hope your water hasn't broken.

-Nope no water. But I feel pretty sure this is a contraction. I now have to hang up and call my husband and find out what kind of surgery he had today. Happy New Year to you too!

So... I immediately call The Mighty Hunter.

-Where are you?

-The hunting club.

-What have you done today?

-Not a lot. I hunted. We talked about this already. Remember?

-Are you OK?

-Yea, I'm fine. What's wrong?

-What kind of surgery did you have - cause I just talked to your doctor.

-Surgery? What are you talking about?

So, I replay the conversation to The Mighty Hunter and we laugh.

And his answer to the kind of surgery question?


__________ enlargement. 5 letters. Starts with "p".

My response?

You should have a nice, peaceful recovery with this pregnancy and all.

I do love my Mighty Hunter.

And he loves me.

The contraction passed quietly. Peanut is very active again.

I should get the clothes out of the dryer now. And try to get some sleep.

Now that I think about it. This was the second wrong phone number. But the first one was just Papa John's Pizza and they KNEW they had the wrong number.

What does this say about the accuracy of phone numbers in our medical industry and pizza places?

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