Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My ob is a nut. I love it!

Today was one of those very UNpleasant dilation check appointments at the ob/gyn. When you're full-term pregnant, your cervix tries to hide somewhere between your shoulder blades. Well, this is EXACTLY the time that the darn little thing must be examined on a weekly basis.

"A little pressure. A lot of pressure. I'm sorry."

All to determine that, yes, indeed, I AM 9 months pregnant.


Well, last Tuesday I was 1 cm. (Fully dilated, ready to deliver is 10 cm if you didn't already know. But I can't imagine ANYONE that is reading my blog right now, with its Ode to Pregnancy theme, that wouldn't already know that.)

Today I was 2 cm.

The hibernating cervix also tries to turn itself away. Away from what? I don't know, but it turns away.

Posterior is the descriptive term. Meaning turned toward to look behind me between my shoulder blades instead of in front of me through my sternum.

Well, my ob today checked my dilation status. "2 cm, but still posterior. It will have to move from here to here (see video, I hope it posts right. this is my 1st video clip post.) before you're ready to deliver - unless we induce you."

http://s87.photobucket.com/albums/k152/augalinfp/?action=view&current=MOV01833.flv edited to add: I deleted this uploaded file without thinking about it. duh. sorry!

Note to The Mighty Hunter (like he even READS this!): I promise on the Good Book itself, I did NOT ask him to induce my labor. I did not even HINT at it. I know you don't believe me. You can ask him yourself when we see him next week!

So, next Monday, I go back to have my cervix checked again. Hopefully it will have dilated just a little bit more and moved a little bit down from the shoulder blade position to somewhere near my kidneys. That would be a nice change.

If not, we'll get another ultrasound to see if Peanut is a monstrosity of a baby (Stinkerbell was 8.5 lbs at 5 days late). If he's getting really big, ob is gonna strongly suggest we induce my labor again.

"Don't want to labor for long hours to learn the baby's too big and then do a C-section."

You don't scare me. Well, except for the demonstration of how the cervix has to move.

Now that's just not right.

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mist1 said...

I always dread trips to my gyno. I tilt backwards (was that too personal for my first comment here?). I love her though, she has Georgia O'keefe's on the ceiling.