Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ode to Pregnancy
Movement Two - The beginning of the END
"Is it too late to change my mind and find a surrogate?"

1 cm down

9 cm to go


Sorting through tiny, precious baby clothes

Braxton-Hicks with intense spasms/cramps in the bend of my leg

Groin pain

What did I do with the thing-a-ma-bob from when Stinkerbell was a baby?

Didn't someone already give me that gift?

"Some assembly required"

It says to use a screwdriver but I'd rather use the hammer


Sick fascination with baby shows on tv

Name negotiations enter the final phase

Can I PLEASE get some pants that will stay UP!!!

Suspenders? maybe

Can we do one more ultrasound and make sure that this is not a watermelon in my belly?


We have a middle name, let's just pick the first name now!

Keep clothes clean

Dash to hospital plan

Winter weather chances? oh crap!

Hospital is 4 miles away

But down a BIG hill

And across 2 bridges


I only want to eat chocolate


Itchy belly

The Mighty Hunter rubbing my belly

Peanut wiggling around as The Mighty Hunter rubs his cocoon.

Thinking how hard it must be for The Mighty Hunter to feel Peanut wiggle

The Mighty Hunter is a big wimpy baby

He's scared of me

Enjoying the last few days of having this power to instill fear with just a twitch of my eyebrow

Having the freedom to say WHATEVER I WANT and laugh it off

Thinking I should have packed our bags yesterday

This is my last baby

A little sadness

Real yearning to see my Peanut's little face and fingers and toes and tooshy


Bittersweet aching for Stinkerbell's big adjustments to life with a sibling

Making memories of this time with her

Wishing I had done many things before now


Not noticing Braxton-Hicks unless they include the blinding, breath-catching cramps

Needing to trim my toenails








GIVING UP control over my life

Seeing my full-body profile in a mirror

Swearing to never look in that mirror again

Feeling hideous

Even maternity clothes aren't fitting anymore

Wishing everyone would stop nagging me and let me do what I CAN do!

Appreciative of the concern everyone has for me

Laughing with Stinkerbell at how I look when I dance with her to Hannah Montana

Regretting dancing

Panting for breath from dancing

Panting for breath from walking to bathroom

Panting for breath at anytime

Fight constipation

Fight diarrhea

Can I PLEASE just be regular???

Wishing I would feel those Braxton-Hicks again

Stocking up freezer for those days that I will be hobbling around the house alone with a baby

Confident that I'll be sick of pizza before I run out of my stash

Dreaming of a chari/recliner/sofa design that allows me to slump and still have lumbar support and prop up my feet

Fear of my water breaing in a very public, very inappropriate, very embarrassing place

Because things like that NEVER happen to me at home in private

Can I PLEASE be allowed to actually QUIT work?

Thank you ISP for getting my hi-speed connection working at home again.


Getting ready for The Mighty Hunter's Dad Shower this Saturday

The Mighty Hunter is not happy about the Dad Shower

The Mighty Hunter: "why do I have to be tortured too?"

"Because it's only FAIR!!!"

Thankful that I've made it this far

Migraines are gone

Only typical pregnancy discomfort and complaints left now

Soon only pregnancy memories

Will look back someday and wish I could remember this time again a little more clearly than possible

Treasuring every last minute as much as possible

Wishing I could freeze time and live here and now forever

Wishing I could hurry up and get to the birth and move ahead

Wishing for the most exceptionally ordinary things




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The Little Woman said...

Soon, oh yes, very will join the ranks of those of us mommies that suffer from an interesting disorder known as DND - Deficient Noun Disease. mwa ha ha ha ha. ;)