Thursday, January 18, 2007

You know that saying about God not ever giving you more than you can handle?

well... I've been in situations in the past where I've had to tell Him, that I'm really NOT capable of HALF as much as He was putting on me.

This is deja vu all over again - almost

So, I'm 38 weeks pregnant and 2 cm dilated and have been asked by my ob to consider being induced next week.

I have a Christmas tree and 6 plastic storage boxes with Christmas decorations in my living room that have never made it into storage. The tree is a looooooong story. It's now officially ready to go to storage, draped in two of those saran-wrap-thin Christmas tree bags, very ghost-like. The ghost of Christmas just recently past.

I have a pile of laundry to do. I have 3 pairs of pants that I can wear - 4, if you count the pair I'm wearing right now that won't stay up AT ALL! because the rest were dirty - and feel the panic to keep as many as possible CLEAN just in case I go into labor and need to throw my clean pants into my bag and dash off to the hospital.

I have a daughter who will turn 6 on Saturday. She is having cake at school tomorrow and then a small family and closest friends party here at our house on Saturday. I still need to put her gifts together in a gift bag or wrap them in some pretty paper. And my house isn't clean (see above description of ghost of Christmas just recently past.)

The Mighty Hunter's dad's shower is scheduled for Saturday night at Uncle Carl and Bebboo's house. Everyone but The Mighty Hunter is really looking forward to it.

Bebboo's mother was admitted to the hospital Tuesday night (nursing home patient normally). She was not breathing regularly and not responsive. Still in hospital with very bad UTI. Should be released Friday morning.

Uncle Carl's mother (The Mighty Hunter's only living grandmother) went to the doctor yesterday with a cold and cough that she has had for a week. A WEEK. She wouldn't go to the doctor until another aunt (who is an EMT) loaded her up and pretty much forced her to go yesterday. Antibiotics and albuterol and sent home. Today, she was having chest pains and feeling bad again. Same EMT aunt takes her to ER. Being admitted to hospital tonight with very high white cell count. I haven't heard what the chest x-rays showed. Very likely a tough bacterial infection/bronchitis/pneumonia.

The Mighty Hunter is at the hospital checking on his grandmother and Bebboo's mom.

Oh, and Bebboo is the accounting manager for The Mighty Hunter's business. I'm her only back-up. And it's been so long since I've done most of her job that I don't have a clue about it. She left the hospital long enough today to do payroll. Thank you, Bebboo!

Oh, did I mention that I'm pregnant? And not really ready to have this baby? And I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

And I made the executive decision to postpone (possibly cancel) The Mighty Hunter's dad's shower Saturday.

And there's this new dresser in Stinkerbell's room that needs assembling so that I can empty the smaller dresser that will be Peanut's dresser/changing table.

And I have diarrhea.

And my kitchen counter has 3 large bags of tortilla chips on it, waiting on the delicious cheese/sausage dip I planned to make for the dad's shower. And I don't have room in my pantry or anywhere except possibly the garage floor to store these in the meantime.

And I have 1 laptop needing setup for The Mighty Hunter's business and 3 more on order that will also need setup.

And I need to help my replacement at my old job with sales tax payments one last time.

And I think that there is possibly more coming at me.

Lord? Are You listening? Yea, I know You are. Well, I need You to pay really close attention, ok? I'm reaching my maximum capacity. If You would, I'd really appreciate it if You'd take a few things off my plate and give them to someone else. I think there's probably some celebrity or very wealthy person out there with at least one personal assistant and several other full-time staffers that handle things like vacuuming and dirty toilets. Maybe You could let one of those sheltered, spoiled people have a little of my load? Or maybe I could borrow one of their helpers to vacuum and clean my tub and drive me to and from all the mindless, endless errands I need to run - OOO OOO, better yet, why don't we let one of those assistants just run my errands for me!?!?

So, anyway, Lord... I don't think I can handle NEAR as much as YOU think I can. Thanks for Your faith in me and all. Thanks for trusting me with the things that are important to you, like my family and my friends. Thank you for putting them in my life. Thank you for caring for them. They're great and I love them. So, help me care for them.

Now, about this baby, Lord. Could you work it out that if my water breaks, it won't ruin my new sheets and quilt that The Mighty Hunter gave me for Christmas? That'd be great!

Oh. And I love you, God. You're the BEST!

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