Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ode to Pregnancy
Movement 3
"Go into the light, Lucky"

4:00 am

achy hips

Lucky's hiccups

leg cramps

no food or drinks after midnight

very hungry

bags are almost packed

Stinkerbell is very excited

so are The Mighty Hunter and I

wishing I'd eaten constantly till 11:59 pm

tired but can't sleep


this is the end of this stage in my life

strangely saddened by this realization

what will he look like?

how big will he really be?

thankful for the blessing of being able to have children

thankful for The Mighty Hunter and Stinkerbell

Nanny, Pa, Grand-daddy, MsAnn, Beboo, Carlos Sanchez, My-Friend-Rachel, Barrie

thankful for them too

thankful for the prayers of friends, family and church

steeling myself for the changes that will begin within a few hours

evil alarm clock about to beep

time to shower and attempt to shave my legs

time to go have a baby...

When I return home and get a chance, there will be a post with pictures.

Wish us well and pray for us!

signing off...........

for now

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