Sunday, March 11, 2007

atomic clocks and daylight savings time


not so automatic

So, I did the updates on my laptop, The Mighty Hunter's laptop, a few puters at his office for DST. Mine worked. The Mighty Hunter's Outlook calendar may not have made the transition so well.

We set our clocks at home last night.

We have 2 of those atomic clocks. The ones linked to some super time-broadcasting clock in Colorado or Houston or Dauphin Island. The ones that I never have to set and that I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVE.

Keep batteries in them and they're right.

Power goes out in the middle of the night? At least one alarm in our house will wake us in the morning - assuming we remember to turn ON that alarm!

Atomic clocks? good.

DST? evil.

DST that makes me wake up an hour earlier? SUPER EVIL.

DST roll call!!!

DirecTV? check!

Auburn Laptop Always? check!

Cell phones? check!

Old-fashioned, set-it-yourself alarm clock? check!

Atomic clocks?

Atomic clocks?


wind blowing

the howl of a lone coyote

Atomic clocks? gotta set those for DST yourself too!

stupid technology.

stupid clocks.

stupid atomic time-broadcasting Colorado mountain.

stupid DST.

stupid stupid stupid

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