Thursday, March 15, 2007

What's for lunch?

Macaroni and cheese with extra Velveeta in for more thick, creamy yumminess.

No. Not "healthy". But, sometimes, on a rainy day in Alabama, you just gotta eat whatever the lovely crap you want to eat.

Also, I have laundry that needs to be hung up from the dryer so that I won't have to turn on my iron. Because I don't iron unless I have NOTHING ELSE TO WEAR!!!

While I've been eating, Lucky's in his swing and I've been browsing the carnies from yesterday's Crazy Hip Blog Mama's carnival...

And they've found a new species of clouded leopard somewhere in South America. Wish I'd listened to the story. Heeeeeeeeeere kitty kitty kitteeeeee. Preeeeetteeeee kitteeeeee.

Yeah, it's raining. And this afternoon should be the first teeball practice for Stinkerbell. This was her team last year! This year, she's a Rocky!

Dryer buzzing and need a shower.

oh and will probably poop too.

tmi sorry

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