Monday, March 26, 2007

Delusions of Grandeur

by proxy

She's a little nuts. But those are the BEST friends, aren't they?

Well, she and her husband visited with us this weekend. They hadn't had the opportunity to meet Lucky yet, and it had been since November since they'd seen Stinkerbell. So, "Aunt Linda" and "Uncle Stan" were here.

Well, Nutty Linda brought me a gift. She's very thoughtful that way. She sees something that reminds her of a friend and never forgets to give that gift.

Unlike me! who only NOW remembered that I had that Hallmark Sara Evans cd for Linda and forgot to find where I had hidden it away. I guess I'll keep the USPS in business a little longer!

Well, Nutty Linda gave me this...

She thinks I will be making wedding cakes and elaborate birthday cakes and the fancy-schmancy like in my future.

"because you're so creative. you can DO THIS. Lucky will be in school one day and you'll have sooo much time on your hands and you'll want to do this."

"after you take a class or two."

Because I really couldn't do it without a class. Or without class. And it would still be questionable whether having a class or having class will ever make a difference.

So, look out Martha. Nutty Linda thinks I'm out for blood in the wedding cake design/decorating business.

Yeah. Uhm, not so much.

So Lucky is in his swing. aka the "baby sitter with rechargeable batteries." And he has discovered that if he kicks he will bump the little tray and the little toys will jiggle.

"The clicker is MINE!"
"beware the rabid remote-control-guard-baby"
"Show me how to use this or I'll spit up ALL! OVER! THE! COUCH!"
or (last one, I promise)
"Hey, pretty momma. Wanna join me over here in the dark on this couch for a midnight snack?"

One more picture. Bask in the adorable cuteness of our singing cowgirl...

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Hey! Here's a link to the pictures of the desk.

Hope all is well!