Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Y'all are hurtin' my feeeeeelings!

I posted a diabetic-coma-inducing sweet picture of Lucky the other day.

You've made me center my text! For the love of all that smells like baby lotion!

"Surely you must have images blocked on your browser. Because you must have missed seeing me to NOT comment!"
Come on! Peeeeeople!!!

Resistance is futile.

Now, crawl out of your keyboard caves and tell me how dad-gummed cute my baby is. I mean, he's got arm-pit fat. Can you get any cuter than that?

And while we're at it. Look at that precious smile! She's a regular Dale Evans!

I'm waiting...


Jennifer said...

My photo blogs rarely get many comments, either. I don't know why, my kid is adorable.

Very cute kiddos and pics! You really deserve copious amounts of comments here!!!

Thanks for visiting and commenting at my blog.


Auburn Girl,
I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog! While you think you stumbled upon my blog accidently - I happen to believe God sent you there! You see, I have struggled with sharing about the miracle God did in my marriage - in print! The enemy is trying to keep my quiet. For example, I wrote that blog after coming home from a bible study on marriage (Beth Moore). This morning, I was in the shower at 5:00 a.m. and thought maybe I should not have been so transparent - and started 2nd guessing myself...I got out of the shower, went down to take if off my find your comment! While you say that God used me to encourage you - you, too, sweet girl, were an instrument of God in my life! I am praying for you!

WillBlog said...

They are mighty sweet pictures, I'll say!

I only wish I wore armpit fat that well.

cher said...

Beautiful Kids!!!! War Eagle Girl!!! (I'm in Alex City, married an AU Alumn and attend ALL the games :D )

Tracey said...

Auburn Gal, I couldn't post to your original diabetically cute baby post because this is my first time here (found you through a comment on Kelly's blog!)

But I will say those are some mighty precious kids you've got there!

nutmeg said...

Oh, I feel for you. The comment angst is bad. That kid is precious!

Damselfly said...

By golly, you're right! I need some insulin right now!