Monday, March 12, 2007

(Fun, peppy theme music)

"Stinkerbell's show"*

Stinkerbell is an animal. Her name will be changed to CrisD. She will be a golden matriever.

Auburn Gal Always is the veterinarian.

CrisD** is a shelter dog.

Auburn Gal Always bought CrisD and made her get rich and made her a house before she got there.

The other veterinarian is Stinkerbell’s daddy. Auburn Gal Always’s little boy is still Stinkerbell’s little brother. The brother’s name is Lucky.

Auburn Gal Always’s name will be Vicky.

The Mighty Hunter’s name will be Vernon.

There will be a song at the end of the show.

CrisD is a puppy. Vicky will make her a collar on the computer that looks like a bone.

We need some practice and the veterinarian shop is upstairs on Mommy’s bed and we will need a little bit of coloring on cardboard to make it gray like the cage bars.

We will need to color something like rocks.

Auburn Gal Always’s secret name is Mrs. Santa Claus.***

CrisD will dress up in her dog clothes that she will make.

Auburn Gal Always is the actress and will need to wear something black and pretty and a hat that she will have to buy.

We will make lots of copies of the show and will give them away to Stinkerbell’s friends that are kids because it’s a kid’s show. So just give that family one. And get the camera people’s phone numbers on the phone book and tell them to get this film on one of those tapes.

CrisD likes TV and she watches it upstairs on Vicky’s bed. And at Vicky’s house in the living room, she watches TV too.

We need to draw a bowl and dog food and the bowl should say CrisD with a little period on it. And we should draw a bathtub too. And CrisD gets a bath everyday – pretend. And when she gets out of the bath, she shakes off. And Vicky says “ewwww.”

Vernon will save a toy horse from certain death with an emergency Achilles heel transfusion. And that’s when CrisD shows up and gets called “CrisD, dog veterinarian.” And that’s when CrisD starts to be a veterinarian.

We should make a dvd holder and we should take a picture of Stinkerbell, The Mighty Hunter and Auburn Gal Always and a reindeer and the horse that needed help and Lucky and Stinkerbell is posing like a pretty dog with her paw up like bented and her legs on the ground and her left paw is up and her nails are pointing down.

*Always playing some involved, convoluted, complicated, soap-opera game, Stinkerbell dictated the above plan for her "show". In her kindergarten-level reading skills, she supervised my typing "what's that say?" and corrected me when I got it "all wrong." I think I finally got it right.

**CrisD is pronounced kris-dee. not kris-tee. Get it right or you'll get schooled.

***Mrs Santa Claus is another game we play on a regular basis. Complete with a very busy Mr. Santa Claus, Rudolph (and assorted other reindeer), hot chocolate and s'mores, imaginary snow and dangerously cold pretend-weather brrrrrr. As Mrs. Santa Claus, I've taken in a little girl who has no mother, kittens without loving people, dogs without loving people, babies without a mother and made lots of chocolate chip cookies.


per this site, my Rock Solid Ghetto Shiznit Name is

Wankmaster Cwac Cwac, yo!

what does "shiznit" mean?


I'm doing this post like this with all the *s and disjointed topics because my ISP is having some stupid SQL problems and I can't always log in to my blogger account. And I have NO! IDEA! when they'll get it fixed, because they won't REPLY! TO! MY! MESSAGES!

I know. I can change ISPs. There are other ISPs.

Cable? But because I live on a short stretch of road between a major highway that has no homes, therefore no cable, and the dead-end of the cable line, and there are only 4 houses between the end of the cable line and that highway and they laugh at me when I ask them to send their precious cable my way. LAUGH! Silly, silly woman.

DSL? I'm in the sticks. STICKS! BOONIES! BACK-WOODS! We have Bell-South but they don't plan on upgrading our equipment for ISDN! or DSL! soon.

Satellite? Hate Hughesnet, dish is ugly and too expensive initially. WildBlue - they're "full" in our area and again is expensive initially. There are others but haven't looked into them yet.

Dial-up? Get REAL! I've tasted high speed. I'm waaaay too good for dial-up now. I'd rather read a BOOK!


Lunch-time. I think it will be a California Pizza Kitchen Margherita frozen pizza. yummmm. Then some yummy under-baked chocolate chip cookies.


Supper? Probably chicken hobos.

Hobos? aka Boy Scout Dinners, Camp Fire Dinners, Pouch Meals

Cut chicken into bite size pieces, season to taste. Cut vegetables of choice. Fold large heavy-duty foil double and make a "bowl." Place chicken on bottom, then put veggies on top. Spoon 1/4 to 1/2 cup sauce of choice on top. Seal foil at top very securely. Bake in oven at 350 for 45 minutes or until chicken is done.

Ground beef/turkey is also yummy. Tender roast meat works.

I like corn, onion, potato, okra, tomato, squash/zucchini, diced chiles. The Mighty Hunter likes jalapenos too!

Sauce? I do my rotelly chicken sauce. 1 can Rotel. 1 equal sized can tomato sauce. 2 T brown sugar. The Mighty Hunter wants Worcestershire in his - lots of it. Stinkerbell likes Worcestershire and brown sugar.


Laundry. yuk. tired! of! laundry!


I much prefer Young and the Restless over Days. Y&R's guys are hotter - except Nick, his caveman brow creeps me out.

Scrubs - funny. LOVE Dr Cox's girl names for JD. I know this show is not new. But I've just now started watching. FUNNY STUFF

Monk - I miss you soooo much.

Psych - you crack me up. Hurry up and do this "summer season" already!

House - my favorite mean-spirited, agnostic, drug addict doctor. I wish I could say the things he says and get away with it and NOT FEEL GUILTY


yea. lunch.


Gosh, I hope the publish button works!

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