Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crazy Hip Blog Mamas wants to know... "What's your hobby?"
Since leaving the full-time work-force in December and having a baby in January, I've been able to devote an amazing amount of time to entertaining myself with every possible fun thing I can imagine. I no longer worry my little head with the ridiculous and mundane details of mommyhood. Laundry, dusting, vacuuming, cooking, showering... all in the past.
I now devote myself full-time to the best time-sucking activity in the world.
I try to write at least one entry each day. But I've become quite addicted to the lives of others and covet their words, templates and pedicures. The best thing about blogging is that I can get my fix while I'm breast-feeding Lucky.
Yup. He's having breakfast RIGHT! NOW!
Seriously, I'm way too busy with the ridiculous mundane details of mommyhood to really enjoy a lot of hobby-type activities right now. Breast-feeding, as many of you know, is very time-consuming and can be described as inactive activity. For the ADD like myself, it is extreme torture to have to
So, I keep my laptop nearby and read and surf and watch the snow-drifts of dust collect.
I fantasize of sewing. I have deluded myself into thinking that I could make Stinkerbell some simple jumper-like dresses or other simple things. Simple, because I've never sewn anything since high school home ec class.
I love to cook. The Mighty Hunter is not very adventurous in trying new dishes, but I trick him into it sometimes. Tricking him by simply not having anything else in the house for him to eat.
What free time I had 2 weeks ago is now reduced by twice a week teeball practices, but dang! I love teeball! I get to watch 5 & 6 y-o kids run and play and hit and catch and throw and be the goofy little critters they are. AND there are other moms there for me to have conversation with.
Adult Conversation!!!
So, yes, I have a couple of hobbies. And since Lucky has filled his tummy, I should finish up on this hobby for now.


Wendy said...

HA! Sounds like me! I love to scrapbook but since blogging is so much easier right now with a 9 month old that has become my new hobby:)

MumaJulie said...

I hear ya! I've become quite addicted to blogging and get irritated with myself if I have nothing to post for that day.
Ahhh being a mom, so little time for hobbies. :)

Csara said...

I'm right there with ya! :)