Sunday, March 18, 2007

A few weeks ago, this happened.

Did anyone notice?

I meant to look for it. I meant to show it to Stinkerbell. I meant to eat more M&Ms.

Well, I probably ate enough M&Ms. Too many, I'm sure.

But it was way after dark when I remembered the eclipse. Do you know how I remembered? I saw the moon still partially eclipsed.

Yeah, because I'm smart that way.

And then I became all Smart Mommy and started explaining eclipses of all kinds to Stinkerbell, because this was a TEACHABLE MOMENT. Because my brother works for NASA and that makes me smarter than you. nyah!

So, Stinkerbell asks good questions and seems to be getting it. Because, at 6, she is smarter than Smart Mommy.

pardon the interruption: but this note is for Stinkerbell. One day, you will be reading this and reminiscing about your mom and how she would sit obsessively and tap tap tappity tap at her laptop and how this MUST have been a desperate attempt to maintain a minimal level of sanity. And when you're reading THIS entry, I want you to know that, right now, my precious PRECIOUS child, you're PESTERING ME TO DEATH! PLEASE BE QUIET!!! You can play on in a MINUTE!!!


So, Stinkerbell is smarter than me. Established fact.

And she asks a great question, because she is listening to Smart Mommy and totally understands.

"So, why is the store open?"

So, maybe she isn't paying complete attention. How can I maximize this teaching moment?

think think think

I decide that I can combine astronomy with history and folklore and start telling Stinkerbell that long ago, people were afraid of eclipses and how they would hide inside their homes and pray and fear that the world would surely end. I refrain from telling her that many many days I consider hiding inside the house.

I know all this because, as The Mighty Hunter has pointed out for years, I know all kinds of facts and trivial information. Unfortunately most of what I know is useless on a daily basis. I need Ken Jennings job.

So.... why was the store open?

Was I able to answer that insightful question?

No, not really. Because I'm Smart Mommy, but not THAT kind of Smart Mommy.

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