Sunday, March 25, 2007

Just the way you are

Right now

Right here

Stay that way forever, please.

Don't grow up anymore.

Don't stop needing me.

Always look at me with that I-love-you there's-nothing-and-no one-better-than-you look in your beautiful eyes.

Always need me.

I'll always remember how you would watch me while you nursed.

How your chubby face would look slimmer and your triple chins would disapper as you stretch-stretch-streeeetched your neck up to see me from my arms.

How your softy soft-soft hands would reach up and caress my chest as you drank my milk.

How you would dig your little chubby feet into my tummy as we snuggled in my bed at all hours of the day and night.

I'll always remember how you loved your baby brother intensely.

How you wanted so VERY much to be the one to soothe him, tickle him, please him.

How you wanted me to nurse you again too.

How you nursed your baby-doll, CrisD.

I'll always remember how you were such a baby-hog.

How you teased him with the bottle until he would almost jump up to grab it with his strong little mouth.

How you loved me just a little bit more and a little bit deeper because of our babies.

How you handled them with the intense tenderness of a true Daddy.

How you would say "please just be quiet" to the newborns just so you'd feel better.

How you would tell them to get out and get a job already.

How you cried when they were born.

How you would suddenly be incapable of the most basic things out of fear and concern for your babies.

How they reduced you to a man with jell-o for a back-bone. But in a good way.

How they absolutely owned you.

Stay just like this.


I love you just the way you are.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow will hold.


Qtpies7 said...

Poetry is not my strength. The last parts are about your husband, the other to your dd, maybe some to your baby? I don't get it, hehe. I'm really, really bad that way.
Could you explain it to me? I know it drives my dh crazy, he says if you have to explain it, then its not worth it, or some such words, but I am naive or something and don't get thigns but I WANT to.

Cheryl said...

...enjoy the journey momma... the memories change as they grow up but they are just as sweet...