Thursday, September 07, 2006


I apologize. I am sorry for falsely accusing you. You didn't delete my links and cutesy stuff. But you moved it to the bottom of my page, which I do NOT like at all. But I have to be honest and admit that you are not guilty of my original accusations. Nevertheless, you are still guilty of messing up my blog. And to that end, I humbly submit this rant...

Auburn Gal Always

Like I told DH the other day when he twisted the front passenger seatbelt on my new pimped-out Mommabile to the point that it wouldn't retract or extend AT ALL.....


btw, dark red is my angry color. grrrrr

Seriously, I did NOT make any changes to my template. I have NO idea how my column widths changed to move my sidebar content to the bottom. It is supposed to stay at the top of the page, right? Right!

If anyone out there knows what's up with this, I'd appreciate it.

Peanut would probably appreciate it too. It seems I feel Peanut move a little more when I have to use my angry color

grrrrrrrrrrrrr kick, wiggle, wiggle.

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