Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Please pardon my dust.

I am trying to fix the layout issues with my blog. I know that my links and stuff are missing. If you're an admin for one of the blog-rings I've recently joined and looking for your ring's code, please come back tomorrow or next month. I will get the code back in place eventually.

Thank you for your patience.

And if this frustrates you as much as it frustrates me, please tell I've tried to get their help. They've sent me links to "helpful" sites to visit for advice and direction.

Basically, I've decided that I need to do one of the following...

1. Learn html
2. Purchase a template from someone who knows how to design a template that actually WORKS
3. Deal with it. Blogger's templates are unimaginative and prone to just plain screwing up with no apparent EASY or SIMPLE means of repair.
4. Change Blogger templates and have to re-do all my customizations. Blogger Beta is supposed to eliminate this MAJOR flaw, but I'm not one to let my blog be subjected to beta bugs. I just want to write and post pictures.

I suppose I could learn html. I probably will learn enough some day to be able to adjust columns and colors and the like. But not now.

I suppose I could buy a cool template. There are some neat free ones, but I still have to transition everything over and I lack the time and patience to accomplish this right now. Mainly patience.

I've dealt with it all I want. I've posted my issue on the blogger "something's broken" forum. The suggestions there did NOT make a difference in my South-Pole sidebar problem.


I'm changing blogger templates to one that appears to have wider post columns and MIGHT accomodate my short links.

We'll see.

I have little faith in the process.

Tune in again soon.

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quicklode said...

Hi, don't give up!

You might find a template you like at

Good luck :-)

Ps. This is just a note to you cos I see you have comment moderation on; no probs if you dont want to show the link on your site (unless you want to!). Q.