Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Well, I have tired of using certain recurring terms in my blog to tell tales about my daughter and my husband. DD and DH have been their names, respectively.

blah blah blah


So, I have decided to re-name them here, using nick names that I use for them at home.


We'll begin with DD. At home, we call her twerp, twerp-cicle, monkey, stinker. It is her misfortune that we've called her these names since birth, and, therefore, she knows WHOM is being called in the middle of a store or at school when someone says, "hey monkey!" (God love her!) Her nickname that I will begin using here has a little history behind it. (Don't worry, not a lot. I won't ramble very much.)

As I grew up, my mom's nickname for me was Tinkerbell, sometimes shortened to Tink. I don't know WHY she gave me that particular term as it infers (yo! Villaume!) daintiness, gracefulness, attitude (well, I qualify there at least) and petite size.

On our first trip to Disney World, we were waiting on the monorail to ride over to the Magic Kingdom for breakfast at Cinderella's Castle with many princesses and to visit with Fairy Godmother. As we waited as patiently as possible, DD was prancing around and generally being very, VERY excited about her first day at WDW - the Holy Grail of vacations for kids - I tried to get her attention and ask her to calm down. In a sudden, horrible moment, I turned into my mother and attempted to call DD by the name MY mom had used for me, Tinkerbell. Subconsciously (or unconsciously?), I must have realized that I was about to transform into another person and fudged on my pronunciation of Tinkerbell.


it stuck. So, occasionally, I'll call my DD Stinkerbell and she'll grin, remembering when and where I first called her by that little name.

Henceforth, DD will forevermore be known herein as Stinkerbell and is entitled to all benefits and crap that goes along with such an honorable name.

(the look of someone very pleased with her new nickname)

Now for DH.

There are just so many unfortunate ways to define DH that I really hate to think of. And although I probably have at least considered calling him by one or more of those less-than-loving variations of Dear Husband, I just hate to continue to use DH here for exactly that reason. It makes me think of the terms of endangerment rather than terms of endearment.

So, for the history behind DH's new name, please pull from your catalog of Robert Redford movies, the classic Jeremiah Johnson. One of DH's favorites - or as he would put it, a "good flick" - Jeremiah Johnson is about a mountain man who encounters trials and tribulations of the rugged Rocky Mountain variety. He takes a wife who speaks no English - which doesn't discourage him from talking to her. At some point in the movie, and DH forgive me, but I forget the specifics of the dialogue (monologue?). Anywho.. He is proud of himself for killing an animal for food and clothing and calls himself...

"Mighty Hunter"

Henceforth, DH will forevermore be known herein as Mighty Hunter (MH) and is entitled to all benefits and crap that goes along with such an honorable name.

So, please work with me as we make the transition from DD and DH to Stinkerbell and Mighty Hunter.

They're much more interesting, don't you think?


BY THE WAY!!! It has taken me 3 days to get this post edited and the pictures inserted. I've had more problems than you can imagine in just trying to access the draft I had saved to make changes.

Blogger, please get your act together. Notice my angry color text. grrrrr

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