Monday, September 18, 2006

It's a stick your tongue to the frozen flag-pole challenge!

With pg #1, I was very endeared to the 3 dr's in the practice as they supported me and DH through his mother's death. I conceived on April 15, 2000 and my MIL passed away on June 30. They couldn't have been MORE sensitive and concerned for me and DH during that painful time.

The 3 dr's are of excellent qualification and experience and training. The senior ob was chief resident of ob/gyn at the hospital at University of Alabama Birmingham. The others trained in Dallas and Chicago. The primary dr 's father was also an ob/gyn and was who delivered little ol' me. He returned home to our small town (also this link and this one) to join his father's practice - for which I am soooo thankful.

As I've struggled with my migraines earlier in this pg, they have been very, very attentive and concerned. It was unbelievably reassuring and comforting to be able to call the hospital and ask to speak to the one on call and tell them what was going on and be reassured or have a prescription called in the the pharmacy for me. Never ONCE did they show any frustration or impatience in my many calls - no matter the hour of day or night.

I've know they are special guys for a while, but I've learned more about each of them that maekes me very grateful that I live in this small town, with its small-town hospital.

A dear friend of mine has a wonderful son with Downs Syndrome. I love that little boy with all my heat. His diagnosis was a surprise that my friend and her husband were not expecting. The blood tests had not shown abnormally high risk for the condition and she did not have the amniocentesis. With her second pg, she had the Triple Test, which did show high likelihood of DS occurring again. The senior ob of this same practice delivered her DS son and had the difficult task of giving my friend the results of the blood tests about her 2nd pg. As he gave her the news and recommended the amnio to get more precise information about her pregnancy, this big, cuddly guy cried with my friend.

My affection for this team grew even more yesterday.

This same friend’s son had his 11th birthday party yesterday. Another mom was there, and we were introduced. She is the wife of the newest member of the ob/gyn practice. She and I talked a good bit while the kids played in the pool. Her son and daughter were there for the party.

My friend told me that her son has the Fragile X Syndrome and that their friendship resulted from their involvement in their common interests resulting from their son’s special needs.

I put 2 and 2 together last night.

I realized that when that dr cried with my fried over the results of her blood tests, it was because it hit close to home for him. His partner was dealing with a similar scenario. Genetic testing was something that wasn’t just left to discussions around the water cooler.

“Poor gal, she didn’t take it very well when she heard her child will have learning and physical disabilities. Gotta hate that.”

No, they dealt with it on a personal level. So much so, that they did IVF for their subsequent pg and selected a little girl to be implanted. That little girl is sooo cute. Her strawberry blonde hair was a beautiful, tangled mess as she got out of the pool for cake and presents. The little boy (11, and not so little) looks just like his dad and played with his sister and my friend’s son so sweetly. They’re all great kids.

Now, I dare anyone out there to just TRY and prove your ob/gyn is better, more caring, sweeter, more in-touch than mine.

Triple Dog Dare!

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