Friday, September 08, 2006

Too sexy for my blog.

Look at me. I'm a member of the Crazy/Hip Blog Mamas!

little ol' me

Now, one might assume that membership of this blog ring might require one to be a crazy, hip, blogging mama. To document my qualifications, I humbly submit the following...

Crazy. If you've read any my previous posts, it's not easy to figure out that, yes, I'm a little crazy. I prefer the term "eccentric." My recent 90-day-long migraine headache episode sent to a neurologist for an MRI of my head. And, as you'd expect, they didn't find anything. (DH's favorite joke!!! haha, very funny. jerk) So, not only can you judge for yourself that I am a little wacky, a board certified neurologist has verified that "there's nothing up there".

Hip. Well, I'm miserably underqualified here. I prefer Nike running shoes to my cute Merrells. I'm extremely low-maintenance, much to DH's dismay. I would rather roll out of bed and brush my hair and teeth and dress in my jeans (normally Gap but now Motherhood) and a plain t-shirt of some kind than get shnazzed up just to go to work or to Wal-Mart for groceries. I do feel the peer pressure to put on my face and put forth some effort with my hair and maybe even my wedding and engagement rings. At the Motherhood store, I did indulge in a cute pair of jeans with rhinestones ("gold bling pocket", yup that's me!).

...a postscript to my Hip qualifications... I did graduate from Auburn University -(not with honors, but I did make the Deans List (4.0 gpa) one term) That alone makes me very hip.

Blogging. Well, I'm here. 'Nuff said. I'm working to make my blog a little more interesting and help it to extend its reach by including links to the previous posts I reference and link to outside sites related to the things and people I mention. In addition to my own blog, I've become quite addicted to reading other blogs (mostly by other moms)... Moreena's The Wait & The Wonder and Falling Down is Also a Gift. And then I love to read Bettie Bookish too.

Mama. You may have read my posts about DD and Peanut. DD is my 5 1/2 y-o girl, who thinks she's 14 already. Peanut is the baby on the way, due in February, see ticker at top of page. I also have to provide care for DH that is very much like raising him all over again. Yes, his dear mother (rest her soul) and dad did a good job, but sometimes he just lapses (like all men) into his 9 y-o little boy mentality. I also am mommy to a 8 y-o black lab mutt, Sport - aka the stinkingest dog in the county (Hey Moreena, you're NOT alone!) - and Angel - the "free" kitten from Santa with the $400 hernia repair!!! (don't blame Angel. Things like that happen when a car backs over you!)

I'm sure that if I wasted just a little more time at work I could come up with more to say about my new Crazy/Hip Blog Mama membership qualifications. But then again, I have probably done that enough for the day.

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The Imperfect Christian said...

Oh girl, you are VERY qualified! However, I can't add you to the blogroll and webring until you get the code up on your site! I emailed it out to you again! As soon as it's up you'll be an OFFICIAL member.

I LOVE this post! It almost makes me want to require a "Why I Should Be A Member post requirement!"