Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hello Mutha, Hello Fatha.
Here I am in
Camp Blogger.
Camp is very entertaining.
And I know we'd have some fun
If they get my stinking template fixed and help me post pictures easier!

Well, It doesn't rhyme and the rhythm is wrong, but I'm just not a concise kind of person!


Dear fellow Crazy/Hip Blog Mamas,

I am hoping you will bear (or is it bare? teehee) with me while I work on my template issues with the evil

If you'll read the 2 previous posts before my jubilant announcement of my joining your ring of, well, Crazy/Hip Mamas, you will realize that something is rotten in Blogger Land. I have posted my problem on their Google help group. I'm apparently not the only one suffering through this anomaly.

So, I HAVE posted the code in my sidebar content. You will just have to jump to the VERY SOUTH POLE END of this page to see the link - but IT IS THERE!!!

Thank you for reminding me to post the code. I thought I had, but apparently, the parasite/Peanut ate my memory of me closing without saving template changes.

so sorry.

If you would kindly find your End button now.

I will see you again soon.

War Eagle!

Good-bye - click.

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