Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ok, I've had it!

This is it!!!

My links, my little pixie that looks NOTHING like me, my counter - ALL OF IT - are gone!!!

What's up with you, Blogger?

I did NOT change my template!

What did y'all do with my stuff!!!

I want it back and I want it back YESTERDAY!!!

I'll bet myspace can keep up with my links!!! I might just wander over there and see what they can do for me!!!

What do y'all say?

Can we start a revolution and make Blogger make it easier to upload our pictures and not crap-out on us when DO try to post a picture on our blogs? Can we make them provide some newer templates and make it so that if we DO change templates we can do it WITHOUT losing our links and other customizations?

What about it?

Are you reading this Blogger???



SouthernTransplant said...

It's not lost...scroll to the bottom. Something shifted a margin...not good, but not lost.

SouthernTransplant said...

Look at this post by will see my comments & all of your side bar stuff is right where it should be