Thursday, July 26, 2007

2:05, 13, 6, 4, 101.1F, 2, 12, $10, 1, and 252nd

Technically, I'm still on my bloggy break. It's 2:05am. So, I'm not taking away time from Stinkerbell and the Countdown To School. (13 days BTW)

Why, you may ask, am I up at 2:05am?

Good question. I am up at 2:05am because Lucky had his 6 month well-baby appointment today. And you know what happens at well-baby appointments.


4 of them. He was so sweet and pitiful. I hold his little legs at the knees, and the nurse leans across the table and blocks his arms. He thought we were playing a game or loving on him. Grinning and cooing at us. Then the happy little eyes looked at me with fear and pain in them. It was pitiful.

He has felt good all day. But at bedtime, he began to act like he wasn't feeling well. At midnight, he cried and wouldn't nurse or take his pappie. His head was hot. His arms and belly and legs and feet were hot too.

101.1 F (rectal, so it's as accurate as possible.) In my fatigued, post-partum depression mind, I couldn't find the infant tylenol/ibuprofen. So, I dashed off to the Super W-M that is 2 miles from my house. I arrived on the night when the employees of W-M's everywhere get their paychecks. And they cash them. At the cash registers. Without buying anything else. Or sometimes buying 12 things and forcing them to do a price over-ride because K-Mart has the booster seat for $10. And there is only 1 cashier! working. And NONE of the self-checkout lanes were open (which I use all the time, because I am a better and nicer cashier than the ones they pay and I don't have to smell anyone else's bad breath while I pay for my baby's pain/fever reliever!)

So, I come home and give him his medicine. And am too worried to go back to sleep yet. I know he's ok. I just can't sleep when my babies have a fever. I've got to try though.


I noticed the other day that I have passed a milestone in my bloggy life.

This is my 252nd post.

You would think that I could have come up with something more profound, more important, more funnier, more better to write.

I definitely could have come up with a better title.

But, I'm on a break. SO shut up.


Good news. My Friend Rachel, who lives in Minnesota, is coming to visit her parents in Montgomery for a few weeks with her beeeuuuuuutiful baby boy. And I'm going to go see her and nibble his ears! I can't wait!!! I haven't seen My Friend Rachel since she got married!


I'll be back again soon. I'm going back to bed now.

I miss y'all. Funny things keep happening, and I think "I need to blog about this." But I don't do it immediately, and then I forget what in the crap it was that was so funny anyway.

I suppose I could write down the funny things to help me remember them!


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Poor Lucky. Poor Mama. Hope you got a little rest!

Cris said...

You are in Montgomery? My sister is in Prattville!

Anonymous said...

Poor thing! I hate when Wog has to get shots! Fortunately, he hasn't had any reaction to one YET! Other than the really really ticked off reaction.

Just once, I wish his daddy would take him to get his shots. I don't like my face being associated with it!