Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's a Twofer!!

I'm behind on stalking my favorite bloggers. Which will explain to some of you why you haven't seen a hit on your counter where I opened up your blog and was interrupted and forgot to close my browser for several hours, ahem.

But, during my much-appreciated and seriously-enjoyed vacation last week, I was given an award. TWICE!

I'm all worked up about it. More than you can imagine. More than is normal or healthy. And the sheer volume of excitement I am experiencing over it should tell you how very, very disgusting and boring and sad and lonely I am. Think: dork to the 10th degree.

Bee at willblogforshoes and MrsReevesFarm at forthelove have nominated me for

I've told you before how I've won only a handful of things in my life. And most of them are of no monetary value and questionable sentimentality.

I have now to do the most difficult part of this bloggy bling and tag 5 others. But herein lies my quandry (my word for the day thankyouverymuch.) I read all the same blogs as everyone else. I'm terribly un-original and not at all creative. I simply follow all of you around and read the blogs you link to and laugh my butt off and add to my Reader.

And, worst of all (or best of all), all of you have already been given this same award.

So, if I were to actually tag 5 others, they've already been tagged.

Therefore, I'm cheapening this whole bloggy blingy award thingy by awarding everyone out there. If you're reading this, then YOU rock!

Watching my stat counter go up is one of my biggest thrills - somewhere on the list under my first lap dance. My blog is my way of presenting myself as the person I really am, and you all accept me that way. Here, I go on and on about the boring, mundane, messy things of being me. I wallow in self-pity and rejoice of little things. I fall in and out of love with The Mighty Hunter and tell you all about it. I daydream about ways of silencing the blabber-mouthed Stinkerbell and have determined that gouging a pencil through my eardrums would probably be the most effective. I share the beauty that is my son and the joy that is my Lord. I can flesh out the craziness of my life and wonder whether I will make it through the day or not. I travel down the TMI highway and question whether I should shave my knuckles.

And, since you tolerate me and return again and again for reasons I can't dream, I am making the Rockin' Girl Blogger award for everyone. You ALL rock.

Now, go forth and blog.


Anonymous said...

You rock even when you cop out!


Anonymous said...

You are so friggin' cute!

This is a big deal and you do rock.

Congrats on the award! Enjoy it.